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A very rare early 18th C. red wax figure
17th C. English Lantern Candlestick
18 th C. Brass candlestick with square base.
1840 Antique 4" Terrestrial Globe by C.Abel-Klinger
1842 Sailor Made Block
1857 Captain's Bible Whaleship Constitution
18th C American Queen Anne side char
18th C Dutch brass sconce back with crest
18th C silver ladle with wooden handle
18th C. American leather firebucket
18th C. balance scale in shagreen covered case.
18th C. English cast brass candlestick
18th C. English Pontypool tray
18th C. English tablespoon
18th C. French Candlestick
18th C. gold scale case and scale.
18th C. looking-glass in old green paint.
18th C. Queen Anne walnut veneered looking-glass
18th C. silver belt buckle.
18th Century Chinese Export porcelain bowl
18th Century engraving George Bickham
18th Century hand lantern
18th Century miniature on ivory of a lady
18th Century pewter window sill sundial.
18thC French silver buckle
18thCentury brass pocket sundial
1923 A.D. Williams Nantucket Lightship Basket
1926 Cape Cod Map by Elisabeth Leonard
1926 Tony Sarg Map of Nantucket
1937 Residential Main Street Nantucket by Tony Sarg
1960 Jose Formosa Reyes Nantucket Basket
1960's Nantucket Basket by Jose Formosa Reyes
1965 Nantucket Basket by Jose Formosa Reyes
1965 Nantucket Lightship "Cocktail" Basket by Stanley Roop
1965 Nantucket Lightship Basket by Jose Formosa Reyes
1966 Nantucket Lightship "Cocktail" Basket by Jose Formosa Reyes
1968 Jose Formosa Reyes Nantucket Basket
1968 Jose Formosa Reyes Nantucket Basket with Ship Carving
1973 Paul Whitten Nantucket Basket Purse
1976 Nantucket Lightship Basket by Jose Formosa Reyes
19th C. "Picket-Fence"
19th C. 13 Star Commodore Ensign Flag Marblehead Yacht Club
19th C. American print by Louis Prang.
19th C. Antique Whaling Harpoon
19th C. Bourdon Barometer
19th C. Cape Cod painted firkin
19th C. Chinese Export chess set and box
19th C. coin silver chamberstick.
19th C. French blue oil lamp
19th C. medal Steam Ship San Francisco.
19th C. Nantucket Lightship Basket by Davis Hall
19th C. Ornate Brass Tiller Yoke
19th C. Running Horse Weathervane
19th C. travelling shaving box.
19th C. Whaling Lance
19th Century Seth Thomas Ship's Clock
19thC. commemorative Napoleonic
A "Captain's Cane" Palm wood shaft
A 1930's lithographed tin CHANNEL GAME
A 19th C .American dressed picture of Washington
A 19th C. American Erie Canal barge lantern
A 19th C. painted sign - PENTUCKET
A 19th C.Americna cherrywood footstool
A antique scrimshaw masterpiece - the ultimate snake bodkin..
A brightly painted floral still life painting.
A bronze dore figure of a "Mer-boy"
A carved and painted ship picture by Capt. Keating
A carved and painted ship picture by Capt. Keating.
A carved and painted wooden cast iron template.
A carved and painted wooden marker
A carved antique walrus ivory spear head
A carved wooden sundial dated 1919
A cast BRASS business sign from Worcester, Mass.
A charming folk-made wooden cottage still bank
A choice antique painted and grained dome top trunk
A choice antique Staffordshire sailorboy figure.
A choice whaling diorama by Clark-Hitchcock.
A classic sewing basket Ex Coll Clifford Ashley
A color print of Geraniums by Andrew Shunney
A double sided painting by Omer Thomas Lassonde oil on board
A fine color lithograph of Nantucket by Wendall Macy
A fine English watercolor by William Pye
A fine quality sterling silver tea strainer
A finely detailed watercolor of a British yacht ca 1840.
A fishing boat weathervane in old paint
A folk art carved one-piece wooden cane with snake.
A folk art landscape painttng by Thomas Chambers
A folk art wooden carving - Man in a Cage of Life.
A folk made carved and painted birdcage.
A folk made Victorian match striker
A folky carved wooden frame circa 1870.
A great antique scrimshaw cane with carved fist and snake
A great Brass lantern with maker's mark.
A great fist sewing clamp
A great pierced handle
A great rarity - one of the best!
A great scrimshaw coat rack
A Heywood antique wicker sewing stand
A highly unusual oak "Castle" wall cabinet.
A large antique scrimshaw one-piece whalebone hatchet
A large signed mast-head ship's lantern
A large size can of NY oil from NYE.
A large size Cape Cod windmill whirligig
A late 19th C. engraved wine glass
A lighthouse birdhouse in old paint.
A mid 19th C. American railroad puzzle
A mid 19th Century English MERMAID ceramic bottle
A mid 19thC, American painted and grained table box
A Nantucket Lightship weathervane
A Nantucket print by Earl Horter
A oil on canvas seascape painting by C.G. Davidson
A painted granied and decorated table box C.O.S.
A painted pottery figure of a 19th C. sailor.
A pair of papier mache shells.
A pair of very rare antique miniature Nantucket Lightship Baskets
A Perfect Presidential Present.
A porcelain match holder with sailor motif.
A portrait of Mary Prentice, Nantucket by Walter Gilman Page
A pottery bottle in the form of a turtle
A printed BROADSIDE advertisement for the Sandwich Tack Co.
A rare "Happy Jack" sailor boy whirligig from Nantucket
A rare 19th C. "dressed" picture of George Washington
A rare 19th C. brass English spice box.
A rare 19th C. German all glass picture from Karlsbad.
A Rare and Choice English Antique Scrimshaw Tooth.
A rare and unique antique cranberry scoop
A rare antique scrimshaw whale ivory cord pull
A rare antique wine glass of brillant color.
A rare cast-iron doorstop "Highland Light"
A rare Chinese Export creamer with rare ship motif
A rare Chinese Export sweet meat set
A rare early 19th C. lady's purse from Nantucket.
A rare engraved glass transom from Cape Cod.
A rare fishing dory mounted on davits
A rare late 18th C. PEDOMETER.
A rare mid 19th C. tooth with South American cowboy
A rare oil on canvas painting of whaling scene
A rare pastel on board painting of Sandwich, Cape Cod.
A rare print of Provincetown by A.V. Diehl
A rare sign from the Skipper Tea Room by Tony Sarg
A rare souvenir of Wellfleet and life saving.
A rare sperm whale's tooth by the "Bank Note" engraver
A rare three-part brass snuff box.
A rarity in scrimshaw
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A scrimshaw crochet hook with HAND
A set of three carved bone serving set
A shellwork "Bird" from Chatham
A sterling silver pedometer by London maker 1867.
A TEA COZY in the form of a thatched roof cottage
A very choice antique scrimshaw whalebone cane.
A very choice SUSAN'S TOOTH - JFK Jr. Collection
A very fine French silver round box
A very large antique ship in bottle
A very large heavy brass tray with an embossed three-masted ship.
A very rare 19th C. artist's articulated wooden model
A very rare antique scrimshaw tooth LADY WELLINGTON
A very rare COVERED Nantucket Lightship Basket
A vintage ship in bottle "Flying Cloud, 1851"
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Admiralty Club by John Austin
Alwilda whalebone box
AmericanColonial Revolutionary currency
An 18th C. English blown and cut decanter
An antique cast iron inkwell in old patina
An antique shadow box model of the Amazon
An antique shadowbox of a BARK at sea
An antique ship weathervane from Cape Cod.
An early 19th C wooden candle lantern
An early 19th C. bone snuff box
An early 19thC. box with print transfers
An oil on board of Nantucket beach by G.G.Fish
An tique American brass bound covered firkin
An tique American shell work frame circa 1875
An tique MINTON tile of Hancock Houise, Boston
An tique Sterling silver TIFFANY cigar case circa 1890's
Anique Chinese Export brass STAND
Another great SUSAN tooth
Another great Susan tooth, signed and dated by Myrick
Anrtique Nantucket souvenir decorated cup
Antiique NUT CRACKER Walker & Hall
Antioque brass box PAPER FASTENERS.
Antioque scrimshaw whale tooth box
Antique American cast iron FIRE MARK
Antique American long handle tin water ladle
Antique American oil canvas of folk art schooner
Antique brass candlestick with pushup slot
Antique carved miniature profile portrait of John Locke
Antique cigarette lighter "BOOK" form
Antique Daguerreotype ROOT'S Gallery
Antique hand made KNIFE with bone handle
Antique scrimshaw tooth Lady with Dove
Antique telescope
Antique "BLACK JACK" cane circa 1875
Antique "CAMPAIGN" folding table
Antique "Champagne" cigar cutter
Antique "Heywood Wakefield" fancy wicker arm chair
Antique "sailor's" whittle work spoon
Antique "SHOE" snuff box
Antique "TAKE COURAGE " menu card stand.
Antique "The Harpooner" Bookend
Antique 14 k gold cigar punch
Antique 18" terrestrial globe on stand.
Antique 18th C. American tablespoon ED
Antique 18th C. brass and copper Dutch tobacco box
Antique 18th C. French Portable Mercury Barometer
Antique 1921 Austin Strong Nantucket Map
Antique 1926 Map of Nantucket by Tony Sarg
Antique 19th C. Bowfront Stick Barometer Signed Worthington & Allan
Antique 19th C. German Ship's Barometer H.A. Scheffler, Hamburg
Antique 19th C. Nantucket Lightship Basket
Antique 19th Century hand woven mat
Antique 19th Century photograph of sailors
Antique 40 drawer chest
Antique 8" Oval Nantucket Basket by Appleton
Antique Adirondack stool
Antique adjustable cast iron candle holder
Antique adjustable double candle tole lamp
Antique ALESSO TEMPLE clay pipe and tin pipe case
Antique amber color glass whimsey cane
Antique AMBROTYPE Capt Mitchell
Antique AMBROTYPE gentleman
Antique AMBROTYPE mother & daughter
Antique AMBROTYPE of a gentleman
Antique Ambrotype of CHARLIE ca.
Antique Ambrotype of family of six
Antique Ambrotypes in STEREO VIEWER case.
Antique American black painted shelf circa 1850
Antique American blown glass bottle
Antique American blown glass bottle
Antique American blown glass cover
Antique American blown glass inkwell
Antique American brass boat compass
Antique American brass candle lighter and douter
Antique American brass CHAMBERSTICK ca 1840.
Antique American brass crest with American Eagle
Antique American brass Federal style candlestick
Antique American brass hand BELL.
Antique American brass JAMB HOOK circa 1820
Antique American brass JAMB HOOKS
Antique American brass large JAMB HOOK
Antique American brass tray
Antique American buggy whip
Antique American carved folk art birds on branches.
Antique American carved whalebone bodkin
Antique American carved whalebone work needle
Antique American carved wooden BUTTER STAMP/
Antique American carved wooden pie crimper
Antique American carved wooden single block
Antique American cast iron "Bank" bank
Antique American cast iron BANK
Antique American cast iron BANK
Antique American cast iron BANK building
Antique American cast iron BEEHIVE string holder
Antique American cast iron bookends in the Gothic style
Antique American cast iron counter instrument
Antique American cast iron doorstop of a country cottage
Antique American cast iron doorstop TULIPS
Antique American cast iron FIRE MARK
Antique American cast iron FROG
Antique American cast iron IVES COAL; WAGON
Antique American cast iron LETTERS SLOT
Antique American cast iron LIGHTHOUSE lamp
Antique American cast iron mechanical bank TAMMANY
Antique American cast iron mechanical bank TAMMANY
Antique American cast iron PIRATE bookends
Antique American cast iron RABBIT
Antique American cast iron STAR gate weight.
Antique American cast iron wall match box 1869
Antique American cast-iron boat stove
Antique American cast-iron SNOW BIRD eagles
Antique American ceramic APPLE
Antique American ceramic APPLE bank
Antique American chip carved wooden DITTY BOX.
Antique American Chippendale looking-glass
Antique American Clipper Ship Card GRACE DARLING
Antique American coin silver box
Antique American coin silver card case TW&co,
Antique American coin silver engraved hair comb
Antique American coin silver eyeglasses J.MOORE NY
Antique American compass by R.MERRILL. NY
Antique American copper Eagle weathervane
Antique American copper lamp filler with handle
Antique American copper weathervane American Eagle
Antique American country stool
Antique American crooked handle scrimshaw cane
Antique American cutlery tray in lipstick red paint
Antique American cutlery tray.
Antique American DIETZ lantern
Antique American DOLL'S TRUNK
Antique American drum with maker's label
Antique American dry-card compass
Antique American engraved sperm whale tooth by Capt. C. Curtis 1912.
Antique American engraved tooth with large ship
Antique American etching of America 's Cup race. CJA Wilson
Antique American folding INK ERASER.
Antique American folk art painting of black man
Antique American folk art shard covered stoneware crock
Antique American folk carved wooden paddle
Antique American folk made cane
Antique American folk made clothes pin
Antique American folk painting of fishing for PICKEREL
Antique American folk portrait of old sailor
Antique American footstool with "bootjack" ends
Antique American footstool with shaped sides.
Antique American gaming BOOK BOX
Antique American gilded ARROW weathervane
Antique American glass SAILBOAT button
Antique American globe by Gilman Joslin
Antique American green painted wicker arm chair
Antique American half-round primitive tabel
Antique American hand drawn early silhouette
Antique American hand lantern circa 1860.
Antique American hand lantern with label
Antique American hand lantern with patent mark
Antique American hanging oil lamp
Antique American hatbox with label
Antique American HORSE weathervane
Antique American jug with old red paint
Antique American mahogany Chippendale looking-glass
Antique American mahogany deep dish sewing table
Antique American mahogany looking glass circa 1800
Antique American map of EUROPE 1831
Antique American marine sand glass
Antique American marine sand glass timer
Antique American miniature bucket
Antique American miniature castor set.
Antique American miniature on ivory circa 1800.
Antique American miniature on ivory Eunice Williams
Antique American miniature swing hanlde bucket
Antique American newspaper SENTINEL
Antique American oak CHOPPING BOX
Antique American one-drawer side table
Antique American paint chart form MONARCH
Antique American painted and decorated sugar jar
Antique American painted and grained pine bucket
Antique American painted and grained pine frame
Antique American painted cast iron and wood bell
Antique American painted FOG HORN.
Antique American painted sign "NOT ALLOWED..."
Antique American painted tin rolling toy
Antique American painted tin snuffer tray from Nantucket
Antique American pantry box J F BROWN
Antique American pie crimper with original fork
Antique American pine tray with silhouettes
Antique American polychrome whalebone busk
Antique American pressed glass covered jar
Antique American pressed glass covered jar
Antique American pressed glass McKinley mug
Antique American primitive bread slicer
Antique American Railroad Lantern 1871
Antique American RAZOR sharpener box
Antique American red painted BANK
Antique American red painted wall tin candle box
Antique American red painted whale end shelf
Antique American ropework SHIP's BELL handle
Antique American sampler by CLARRY SIMONS b. 1782
Antique American scrimshaw SCRIBING TOOL
Antique American scrimshaw single block
Antique American scrimshaw single block
Antique American scrimshaw whale ivory BODKIN
Antique American scrimshaw block
Antique American scrimshaw block
Antique American scrimshaw bodkin with hole
Antique American scrimshaw busk
Antique American scrimshaw cane H.JACKSON
Antique American scrimshaw cane handle
Antique American scrimshaw cane THOMAS PAINE
Antique American scrimshaw cane with rope twist shaft.
Antique American scrimshaw cane with round knob
Antique American scrimshaw carved fist with ball
Antique American scrimshaw CLENCHED FIST cane
Antique American scrimshaw CROCHET hook
Antique American scrimshaw double block
Antique American scrimshaw FIST BODKIN
Antique American scrimshaw GIMLET tool
Antique American scrimshaw patriotic tooth.
Antique American scrimshaw pickwick base
Antique American scrimshaw pie crimper Martha's Vineyard
Antique american scrimshaw pie crimper MOP
Antique American scrimshaw seal with initials AS
Antique American scrimshaw sperm whale WILD BILL CODY
Antique American scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth
Antique American scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth
Antique American scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth
Antique American scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth BOY
Antique American scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth lighthouse
Antique American scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth PETRIL
Antique American scrimshaw table with whale ivory inlays
Antique American scrimshaw tooth BANNER ARTIST
Antique American scrimshaw tooth on stand
Antique American scrimshaw tooth six designs
Antique American scrimshaw tooth WHALING SCENE
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with a young lady
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with fashion lady
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with figure of Liberty.
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with large Eagle
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with lookout
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with patriotic eagle
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with patriotic Eagle emblem
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with ship
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with ship and farewell.
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with ship and sperm whale
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with South Pacific panorama
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with three ships
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with Victorian lady
Antique American scrimshaw tooth with young girl
Antique American scrimshaw TURNED bodkin
Antique American scrimshaw water dipper
Antique American scrimshaw water dipper
Antique American scrimshaw water DIPPER
Antique American scrimshaw whale ivory bodkin
Antique American scrimshaw whale ivory BODKIN with strap.
Antique American scrimshaw whale ivory lady's leg.
Antique American scrimshaw whale ivory PICKWICK
Antique American scrimshaw whale ivory seal
Antique American scrimshaw whale ivory seal A.S.
Antique American scrimshaw whalebone busk
Antique American scrimshaw whalebone clothes pin
Antique American scrimshaw whalebone cribbage board
Antique American scrimshaw whalebone fid
Antique American scrimshaw whalebone handle dental tool
Antique American scrimshaw whalebone marking gauge
Antique American scrimshaw whalebone pie crimper
Antique American scrimshw tooth with ship and Eagle
Antique American sewing ribbon
Antique American sheet iron COCK weathervane
Antique American ship decorated humidor
Antique American ship-in-bottle with a yacht.
Antique American side table
Antique American signed folding travel desk .
Antique American silhouette San Francisco case
Antique American silhouettes circa 1820.
Antique American SILLIMAN painted wooden inkwell
Antique American silver card case San Francisco
Antique American silver tablespoon by PARKER
Antique American silver teaspoon David Smith
Antique American spirits gauge
Antique American SPONGE WARE pitcher
Antique American steel square
Antique American Steeple top firetool
Antique American sterling silver brush
Antique American stoneware inkwell
Antique American STUDENT LAMP
Antique American table circa 1820.
Antique American table globe 1909.
Antique American table sewing clamp
Antique American TAFFRAIL log
Antique American teaspoon marked D.M
Antique American terrestial globe Rand, McNally
Antique American tin candle sconce
Antique American tin candle sconce
Antique American tin coffee pot with maker's label
Antique American tin whale oil can
Antique American tin-type photograph.
Antique American tole oval box
Antique American turned wooden TOY pail.
Antique American TWO DOLLAR currency 1776
Antique American wall barometer STORM KING
Antique American wall thermometer.
Antique American Walnut BOOK PRESS
Antique American walnut corner shelf
Antique American walnut corner shelf.
Antique American walnut miniature table
Antique American walnut stool circa 1875
Antique American watercolor by Otis S. Weber
Antique American whalebone busk
Antique American whalebone busk with Eagle
Antique American whalebone busk with ship
Antique American whalebone fid
Antique American whalebone marking gauge
Antique American whalebone seal
Antique American wood and tin ROOSTER.
Antique American wooden compass dividers
Antique Americanc tole tea caddy circa 1840.
Antique Americaqn Windsor-like upholstered footstool
Antique Americn leather fireman's helmet BOSTON
Antique Anenometer istrument Queen & Co. Philad.
Antique architectural game
Antique Azorean Whaling Harpoon
Antique Baleen
Antique baleen billy-club.
Antique Barometer Thermometer Clock
Antique BASKETS Gallery
Antique BATH TUB thermometer
Antique BEER corkscrew ANHEUSER BUSCH
Antique Bennington "BOOK BOTTLE" circa 1860.
Antique Bennington mug
Antique blown glass PURPLE liquor bottle
Antique blown glass TAZZA
Antique blown glass WITCH BALL with brass chain
Antique blown whimsey glass cane
Antique blue and white Chinese Export plate
Antique blue and white Nantucket tile.
Antique blue painted pine chest
Antique Bluebird whirligig
Antique boat bulder's model from Plymouth
Antique boat compass by Robert Merrill New York
Antique boat name board sign NEW YORK
Antique bone hadled knife sharpener
Antique bone model
Antique bone UMBRELLA needle holder
Antique bonze dore handle with Bacchus head.
Antique book "Stoies About Whale-Catching"
Antique bookbinder's tool
Antique BOOKENDS Gallery
Antique bookends HIAWATHA poem
Antique booket about the GRENFELL Association
Antique booklet White Pine series Nantucket 1817
Antique bottle shaped lighter
Antique boxed set of bone DOMINOES.
Antique boxwood GUNTER'S SCALE
Antique braa oval tray with BI-PLANE
Antique braaa HALF-MOON tray
Antique Bradley and Hubbard BULLDOG doorstop
Antique Bradley and Hubbard gilded cast-iron bookends
Antique brass "FISH" box
Antique brass "TAVERN" candlestick
Antique brass accordion type candle sconces
Antique brass ALARM BELL circa 1850.
Antique brass American Eagle door knocker
Antique brass and copper TOBACCO box
Antique brass and mahogany telescope
Antique brass and wood NUT CRACKER
Antique brass basin bowl
Antique brass bell DOOR BELL
Antique brass big-dog nutcracker
Antique brass binoculars by Le Maire, PAris
Antique brass box cover King FERNANDO VII
Antique brass box dated CHRISTMAS 1914.
Antique brass bust portrait of Caleb Spooner
Antique brass CIGAR CUTTER from Yacht TRUANT
Antique brass COMBO RUNNING LIGHT by Perkins
Antique brass covered pocket compass
Antique brass covered pocket compass.
Antique brass door knocker ROBERT BURNS
Antique brass embossed INFORMATION sign
Antique brass folding FISHING GAFF
Antique brass fouled anchor stamp
Antique brass four pillar corkscrew
Antique brass French chamberstick
Antique brass French gem stone sorting box.
Antique BRASS French name plate
Antique brass green shaded BANKER'S LAMP
Antique brass HORSE brass
Antique brass INKSTAND
Antique brass lamp with black tin shade
Antique brass lens in its original case
Antique brass letter clip DORCHESTER INS. CO.
Antique brass LETTER CLIP ladies hand
Antique brass letter opener JAPANESE design
Antique brass LION'S HEAD doorknocker
Antique brass match holder
Antique brass MATCH SAFE box
Antique brass miniature mantel piece
Antique brass MONKEY corkscrew
Antique Brass Nautical Candlestick
Antique brass oil lamp
Antique brass padlock SAMSON
Antique brass pail with swing handle
Antique brass pair of CANDLE DOUTERS
Antique brass plaque deocrated with ships
Antique brass pocket microscope
Antique brass pocket watch holder
Antique brass repousee pail with ring handles
Antique brass sale's man sample of an anchor
Antique brass seal from Nantucket
Antique brass ship's belaying pin
Antique brass shoe horn
Antique brass sighting instrument
Antique brass snuff-douter
Antique brass speaking trumpet
Antique brass table clamp sewing pin cushion
Antique brass tea caddy
Antique brass telescope
Antique brass thriple wall sconce with LYRE back design
Antique brass trivet with double hearts
Antique brass wall aneroid BAROMETER of French origin
Antique brass wall arm with five branches.
Antique brass wall match holder- pair of slippers
Antique brass wall ornament
Antique brass whale oil lamp
Antique brass wire display stand
Antique brass WW1 PERISCOPE
Antique broadside of the 1874 schedule Old Colony Railroad
Antique bronze ash tray dish
Antique Bronze Dore figure of Napoleon
Antique bronze INDIAN bookend
Antique brown glazed pottery NELSON pitcher
Antique BULLET pocket corkscrew
Antique Buttocks bottom basket.
Antique calipers 1-15
antique camphor wood brass bound chest
Antique candle lamp with Sheffield silver plated hood
Antique cane from Switzerland 1900.
Antique cane with shaped whale ivory handle
Antique Cannon Cane made from the USS Lawrence
Antique Canton covered Ginger jar.
Antique Canton covered sauce tureen
Antique Canton export tureen and stand
Antique Canton Ginger jar with cover
Antique Canton porcelain covered tea caddy
Antique Cape Cod color print by Gerrit Beneker
Antique Cape Cod cranberry scoop
Antique Cape Cod cranberry scoop
Antique Cape Cod folk made ship WEATHERVANE
Antique Cape Cod leather fire bucket
Antique Cape Cod map 1932
Antique Cape Cod photograph circa 1890
Antique Cape Cod schooner weathervane
Antique Captain's liquor chest from Nantucket
Antique cardboard measuring device PLYMOUTH CORDAGE
Antique carved 19th Century whalebone plaque
Antique carved American Eagle
Antique carved and inlaid bone needle case
Antique carved and painted ABNER COBURN ship picture
Antique carved and painted face mask.
Antique carved and painted folk art cane
Antique carved and painted jointed wooden doll
Antique carved and painted MATADOR whirligig
Antique carved and painted NANTUCKET whirligig
Antique carved and painted NOAH toss-game board
Antique carved and painted wooden parrot doorstop
Antique carved and painted wooden sign from Cape Cod.
Antique carved and perced whale ivory PIE CRIMPER
Antique carved bodkin with HEART motif
Antique carved bone and wood SHAVING BRUSH handle
Antique carved bone apple-corer.
Antique carved bone BACK SCRATCHER
Antique carved bone crochet hook with hand
Antique carved bone cup with decorations.
Antique carved bone folding comb
Antique carved bone PICKUP STICKS GAME
Antique carved bone SHAVING BRUSH handle
Antique carved CAMEO shell
Antique carved clenched fist black wood with whale ivory
Antique carved horn GOAT handled cane
Antique carved ivory comb with decorations.
Antique carved ivory scrimshaw seal
Antique carved mahogany SCALLOP SHELL
Antique carved Meerschaum pipe bowl from Nantucket
Antique carved OAK frame
Antique carved pine face mask
Antique carved scrimshaw bone spoon
Antique carved soapstone BUTTERFLY box
Antique Carved Sperm Whale Tooth
Antique carved WALNUT bas relief portrait.
Antique carved whalbone scrimshaw netting tool
Antique carved whale bone handle
Antique carved whale ivory bodkin FIST
Antique carved whale ivory Eagle Head cane.
Antique carved whale ivory scrimshaw FIST bodkin
Antique carved whalebone bodkin
Antique carved whalebone portrait
Antique carved whalebone seal with floral stem
Antique carved wooden marker BF DELANO
Antique carved wooden ABACUS instrument
Antique carved wooden American Eagle
Antique carved wooden artist's model
Antique carved wooden bowl from Nantucket
Antique carved wooden FORK Polynesia.
Antique carved wooden LADIES LEG cane
Antique carved wooden life boat.
Antique carved wooden one-piece whimsey
Antique carved wooden painted horse.
Antique carved wooden SAILOR'S whimsey
Antique carved wooden two ball whimsey
Antique carved wooden wall pocket
Antique carved wooden WHIMSEY
Antique carved wooden WHIMSEY dated 1922.
Antique cased THERMOMTERS - HIGH - LOW.
Antique cast brass American Eagle pole topper
Antique cast brass ANGEL letter opener
Antique cast brass ash tray
Antique cast brass British medallion
Antique cast brass COTTAGE doorstop.
Antique cast brass Eagle door knocker
Antique cast brass English Royal crest
Antique cast brass FISH paperweight
Antique cast brass FISHERMAN ash tray
Antique cast brass French wall thermometer
Antique cast brass INKWELL with dolphins
Antique cast brass LETTER CLIP "Student"
Antique cast brass letter clip in ART DECO design
Antique cast brass LETTER clip with maker's mark
Antique cast brass letter opener with anchor motif
Antique cast brass letter opener with ship motif
Antique cast brass OSTRICH doorstop
Antique cast brass PARROT watch holder
Antique cast brass STAMP BOX
Antique cast bronze LIGHTHOUSE LAMP
Antique cast bronze LIGHTHOUSE lamp.
Antique cast bronze SCOTTY doorstop
Antique cast bronze sperm whale paperweight
Antique cast copper LOBSTER ashtray.
Antique cast iron and bronze "Library" lamp
Antique cast iron BANK building
Antique cast iron bench
Antique cast iron bookends HEPPLEWHITE shield back design
Antique Cast Iron Boxer Bank
Antique cast iron Cape Cod windmill doorstop
Antique cast iron cash register still-bank
Antique Cast Iron Clipper Ship Doorstop by National Foundry
Antique Cast Iron Doorstop - The Patrol
Antique cast iron doorstop CAPE COD HOUSE
Antique cast iron doorstop Japanese Spaniel
Antique cast iron doorstop large ship in blue seas
Antique cast iron doorstop of basket flowers
Antique cast iron doorstop of the USS CONSTITUTION
Antique cast iron doorstop WHITE BASKET FLOWERS
Antique cast iron EAGLE bookends
Antique cast iron FID
Antique cast iron FIDO bank with friend
Antique cast iron FLORAL BASKET doorstop
Antique cast iron FLORAL VASE doorstop
Antique cast iron foot scraper.
Antique cast iron hand grater
Antique cast iron HORSE HEAD hitching post.
Antique cast iron HUBLEY Coaching doorstop
Antique Cast Iron Indian Bank
Antique cast iron large size OLD SALT doorstop
Antique cast iron LETTER clip
Antique cast iron LIGHTHOUSE doorstop
Antique cast iron LIGHTHOUSE lamp
Antique cast iron LOBSTER bootjack
Antique Cast Iron Lobster Doorstop
Antique cast iron MATCH HOLDER
Antique cast iron name plate
Antique cast iron OLD SALT doorstop
Antique cast iron OLD SALT doorstop
Antique cast iron painted LOBSTER
Antique cast iron paper clip
Antique cast iron pitcher and bowl stand
Antique cast iron red painted LION;S HEAD
Antique cast iron red painted LOBSTER
Antique cast iron sad iron
Antique cast iron SALT BOX HOUSE doorstop
Antique cast iron SCOTTY DOG foot scraper
Antique cast iron SPANIEL dog doorstop
Antique cast iron stand with SHELLS and TURTLES
Antique cast iron Terrier door stop lamp
Antique cast iron trivet
Antique cast iron TYCO"S thermometer
Antique cast iron wall barometer and clock
Antique cast iron wall flags holder.
Antique Cast Iron Whale Tail Doorstop
Antique cast iron whimsical statue
Antique cast iron Wimpy Bank
Antique cast lead LION'S HEAD decoration.
Antique cast metal BILL HOLDER
Antique cast metal EAGLE bookends
Antique cast metal figure of DIANA
Antique cast metal full lighthouse doorstop
Antique cast metal matchholder and striker.
Antique cast metal sporting dog weathervane
Antique cast plaster bust of GENERAL U.S.GRANT
Antique cast plaster half round wall bracket.
Antique cast plaster of Donatello's large lion head
Antique cast plaster wall plaque Nantucket
Antique cast steel NUT CRACKER
Antique cast-iron ashtray - IRON FIREMAN.
Antique cast-iron bottle opener
Antique cast-iron Cape Cod cottage doorstop
Antique cast-iron doorstop - TWO SCOTTY DOGS
Antique cast-iron doorstop BASKET OF FLOWERS
Antique cast-iron doorstop CAPE COD COTTAGE
Antique cast-iron doorstop of a PARROT
Antique cast-iron dressing mirror
Antique cast-iron figure of the OLD SALT
Antique cast-iron fire tool holder
Antique CAST-IRON Gallery
Antique cast-iron LOBSTER bottle opener
Antique cast-iron OLD SALT doorstop 14.5 inches tall
Antique cast-iron terrier dog doorstop
Antique cast-iron three masted SHIP doorstop
Antique cast-iron wall hat and clothes rack
Antique cast-iron wall mounted bottle opener
Antique cast-iron wall plaque with birds.
Antique cast-ron STAGE COACH doorstop
Antique CAT corkscrew
Antique ceramic chamberstick.
Antique CERAMIC gallery
Antique ceramic oval tureen
Antique ceramic pitcher with blue and white spatter
Antique CERAMICS Gallery
Antique chalkware American Eagle bracket shelf
Antique chalkware pottery painted white cat doostop
Antique chalkware seated cat
Antique cherry wood cloak hanger
Antique child's toy tin sand pail;
Antique China Trade leather cover camphor chest
Antique China Trade leather covered trunk
Antique China Trade reverse on glass painting
Antique China trade reverse painting on glass
Antique China Trade reverse paiting on glass
Antique Chinese Export silver lemon/tea squeeze
Antique Chinese Export carved wooden frame.
Antique Chinese Export silver lemon fork
Antique Chinese Export silver sash buckle
Antique Chinese Export silver shoe button hook
Antique Chinese Export snuff box
Antique Chinese Export soapstone with ship.
Antique Chinese made birdcage
Antique Chinese porcelain vase
Antique chrome pated Chelsea wall aneroid barometer
Antique chrome plated pocket compass
Antique chromolithograph CAT AT MISCHIEF
Antique Church Scroll Banner Weathervane - J.W. Fiske
Antique CIGAR CUTTER champagne bottle
Antique cigarette case $100 dollar bill design
Antique cigarette holder and case
antique cigarette lighter
Antique classical designed black painted shelf
Antique classical designed lamp
Antique Cloisonne lamp
Antique Coffin family handwritten geneological book
Antique coin silver ANCHOR pendant
Antique coin silver C.Warner spoons
Antique coin silver GENTLEMAN'S POCKET KNIFE
Antique coin silver hair comb
Antique coin silver sugar sifter ladle.
Antique color photograph BERMUDA by H. Marshall Gardiner
Antique color print of MFH deHAAS painting
Antique color print of the Ages of Man
Antique colored photograph by H.Marshall Gardiner
Antique commemorative Washington Inaugural
Antique compass in leather case
Antique Copper and Brass bugle
Antique copper and brass BUGLE.
Antique copper and brass cribbage board
Antique copper and brass tea kettle
Antique copper lustre pitcher pink decoration
Antique copper mold
Antique copper PEPPER SHAKER
Antique COPPER snuff box liner with tin.
Antique corkscrew with antler handle
Antique corkscrew with bone handle
Antique corkscrew with spring on stem,
Antique corkscrew with turned wooden handle
Antique corkscrew with WALRUS handle
Antique country Cape Cod berry tray
Antique country sign from Hallowell, Maine
Antique country store hanging broom holder
Antique covered biscuit jar with handle.
Antique covered brass bowl.
Antique covered brass pocket compass
Antique covered brass pocket compass.
Antique covered FIRKIN in red paint.
Antique covered glass jar
Antique covered nickel plated brass pocket compass
Antique covered TOBACCO jar
Antique covered wooden jar circa 1840.
Antique CRACKER JACK prize
Antique CRANBERRY paper sign
Antique cranberry scoop with maker's label
Antique CURRIER & IVES yachting print CAMBRIA
Antique cut green glass PERFUME
Antique cut green perfume
Antique cutlery tray with bold silhouette
Antique Daguerreotype dated 1845
Antique Daguerreotype in fine engine turned silver case
Antique Daguerreotype of a Nantucket young man
Antique DAGUERREOTYPE of big gal
Antique DAGUERREOTYPE of gentleman
Antique Daguerreotype of Gentleman
Antique Daguerreotype of girl at table
Antique Daguerreotype of lady oval
Antique Daguerreotype of Nantucket boy.
Antique DAGUERREOTYPE of Nantucket lady
Antique Daguerreotype of seated lady
Antique DAGUERREOTYPE of three ladies.
Antique DAGUERREOTYPE of two sisters
Antique Daguerreotype of two sisters
Antique Daguerrotype profile
Antique Daguerrotype Ennis Gallery
Antique Decorated Box by Tony Sarg 1920
Antique decorated tin apple tray
Antique deeply carved wooden China Trade frame
Antique Desk Barometer
Antique directional sign "HOPKINTON"
Antique display board HINGES
Antique door sign
Antique doorstop BRIG under sail by Bradley & Hubbard
Antique doorstop Colonial Lady
Antique double candle hooded lamp
Antique double handled pewter porringer
Antique double heart horse ornament
Antique double inkwell with Camel.
Antique double-sided sign OIL PAINTINGS
Antique drawing by Helen Hsmilton circa 1900
Antique dry-card brass compass circa 1800.
Antique drycard travelling compass SPENCER & CO.
Antique DUTCH brass tobacco box
Antique Dutch Delft vase
Antique Dutch Delft vase
Antique Dutch silver letter holder
Antique embroidered THREE-MASTED SHIP pillow.
Antique enamelled wall clock
Antique English carving set with silver mounts
Antique English brass candlestick lamp
Antique English brass candlestick lamp
Antique English brass candlestick with petal base.
Antique English brass letter holder
Antique English brass pierced trivet
Antique English Chippendale mirror
Antique English CHOPPER
Antique English corner chair circa 1780.
Antique English firebucket with old paint
Antique English Georgian cut glass cream pitcher
Antique English hygiene tool from Nantucket
Antique English large-size tooth with two ships
Antique English Marine Barometer Sympiesometer - Wolf, Liverpool
Antique English Maritime Diploma issued to Duke of Norfolk 1891
Antique English mocha ware mug
Antique English mocha ware tankard
Antique English oil painting of Prison Ship. Woolrich.
Antique English one-draw telescope
Antique English pewter bowl circa 1750.
Antique English porcelain BACCHUS pitcher
Antique English print "TWELVE JURORS" by J.Morgan, 1861
Antique English Sheffield coffee pot.
Antique English silhouette by Mansell
Antique English silver SALT shells with spoons 1909
Antique English soft paste FIGURINE
Antique English Staffordshire SWAN mantle piece
Antique English steel snuff dated 1803
Antique English sterling silver coffee pot.
Antique English Sterling silver salver 1845
Antique English zig-zag corkscrew marked.
Antique Englsih STERLING silver goblet 1908
Antique Englsih tablespoon by Cullen, 1763
Antique engraved brass CARD CASE
Antique engraved silver vermeil pill box.
Antique Eskimo carved walrus cribbage board
Antique Eskimo carved whale effigy
Antique Eskimo figure of sled with reindeer.
Antique Eskimo scrimshaw cribbage board.
Antique Eskimo walrus ivory totem pole
Antique FAHRENHEIT wall thermometer
Antique Fijian Tabua Sperm Whale Tooth
Antique fireplace broom from Nantucket
Antique fireplace tongs of unusual design
Antique flat sheet iron running horse weathervane
Antique folding CORKSCREW
Antique folding pocket telescope in its original case.
Antique folding SUNDIAL box with drawer
Antique folk art carved and painted Cape Cod sign
Antique Folk Art Compass Rose Painted Box
Antique folk art cut iron sheet BIRD AND TULIP weathervane
Antique FOLK ART Gallery
Antique folk art MOTHER GOOSE picture
Antique folk art oval ceramic platter BLUE CRABS
Antique folk art painted wooden shovel
Antique folk art reverse painting on glass
Antique folk art SAILOR BOY whirligig
Antique Folk Art Uncle Sam Whirligig Sculpture
Antique folk art watercolor of Spanish ship portrait
Antique folk carved EAGLE cribbage board.
Antique folk carved mirror
Antique folk decorated clothes brush
Antique folk made birdhouse
Antique folk made chest with interior trray.
Antique folk made GEOMETRIC shaped coin bank
Antique folk made miniature shoe match holder
Antique folk made MOUSE pin cushion
Antique folk made sand glass ca. 1900.
Antique folk made shell box from Nantucket
Antique folk made twisted vine cane
Antique folk-made box with unusual details
Antique folk-made building
Antique folk-made table wooden yarn swift.
Antique folkmade miniature boxed compass
Antique folky cast iron CAT foot scaper.
Antique folky landscape with red roof cottage.
Antique framed photograph of Captain Zenas Doane Bassett
Antique French BELL PULL coin
Antique French candlestick lamp
Antique French corkscrew
Antique FRench covered pocket compass
Antique French covered pocket compass
Antique French faience plate
Antique French Fish Spear
Antique French mantle barometer
Antique French pocket compass
Antique French pocket compass with set bar.
Antique French Pocket Telescope circa 1900
Antique French silver etui case circa 1760
Antique French solid brass bird cane handle
Antique French telescope
Antique French telescope with cap ends
Antique FURNITURE Gallery
Antique gardnerer's basket cane.
Antique gentkeman;s leather pocket wallet
Antique gift box with print of the US Capitol, Washington D.C.
Antique gilded brass American Eagle flag pole finial
Antique gilded brass SEWING BIRD
Antique gilded silver wire ship model
Antique gimballed magneitc compass
Antique glass deck light
Antique GLASS Gallery
Antique glass paperweight OLD MILL NANTUCKET
Antique glazed pottery DUCK bottle.
Antique globe on stand that lights.
Antique gold folding eyeglasses on long chain.
Antique Gold glove holder
Antique gold HEART locket.
Antique gold plated souvenir box CHICAGO
Antique gold scale
antique green painted cottage.
Antique green painted miniature wooden tub signed
Antique green painted pine stool
Antique group of six carved and painted Ark animals
Antique HALF PLATE size Ambrotype
Antique half-model of ship with figurehead.
Antique hand candle lantern circa 1850.
Antique hand candleholder
Antique hand carved bone frame
Antique hand colored BIRTH CERTICATE DATED 1853
Antique hand crafted copper chamberstick
Antique hand made copper wall soap/sponge holder
Antique hand made figure of Benjamin Franklin
Antique hand made tin map holder from Nantucket
Antique hand made WIRE EGG BASKET
Antique hand wrought iron HEART TRIVET
Antique handmade double oil lamp LANTERN
Antique hanging basket wovenwater jar
Antique hanging lantern with Sandwich glass panels
Antique Harpooner Bookend
Antique heart shaped heart trivet
Antique heart shaped wire basket
Antique heavy cast brass candlestick
Antique HERALDIC watercolor.
Antique Hingham Meeting House tile
Antique Historical Staffordshire Landing of the Pilgrims
Antique hitching post from Main Street, Nantucket.
Antique hollow cut silhouette by William King circa 1820.
Antique Horse Weathervane by A.L. Jewell & Co.
Antique horse weathervane on original stand
Antique Impressionistic Glouchester harbor scene
Antique inlaid panel with The Rower.
Antique INSTRUMENTS Gallery
Antique INUIT ivory carving Sea Otter
Antique Irish decorated tin document box
Antique Italian tole folding table
Antique IVORY folding ruler
Antique Ivory Hand & Snake Pin
Antique ivory handle very small gimlet
Antique jig-saw wooden WELCOME original frame.
Antique Jose Reyes Nantucket Lightship basket
Antique Kalkometer instrument
Antique kitchen FISH mold from Cape Cod
Antique ladies purse Tortoise shell
Antique Large Gathering Basket
Antique large MORAVIAN STAR hanging light
Antique large PEWTER tray with wavy border
Antique large size brass hand grater.
Antique large size brass paper clip
Antique large size brass plaque
Antique large size TOLE TRAY
Antique large-size cast iron SETTER doorstop
Antique late 18th C silver teaspoon by Voorhees
Antique ledger book Dr. Samuel Lukens
Antique Leeds green feather edge platter
Antique leeter opener IVORY carved handle
Antique Liberty Bell needleholder
Antique light green painted cutlery box.
Antique lighthouse doorstop
Antique LIGHTING Gallery
Antique LIGHTING Gallery
Antique lithographed tin cigar box.
Antique long hair clothes brush
Antique long knife with sheath MACHETE
Antique macrame cane in old paint
Antique mahogany 40 drawer chest.
Antique mahogany and whale irovy FID
Antique mahogany BLACK BALL box
Antique mahogany Chippendale mirror.
Antique mahogany cutlery box
Antique mahogany handled cutlery tray/box
Antique mahogany looking-glass circa 1780
Antique mahogany pocket compass
Antique mahogany pocket compass
Antique Mahogany TRAY with stand
Antique mahogany veneered sewing box circa 1840
Antique malacca cane with 14k band
Antique malacca wood cane with silver band
Antique map of Second Lighthouse District
Antique map of "Plan, Cape Arundel, 1873"
Antique map of Boston Harbor, 1880.
Antique map of Boston, Massachusetts 1866
Antique map of Cape Cod & Mass. Bays by White
Antique map of Cape Cod 1937
Antique Map of Georgetown & Washington 1866
Antique map of Nantucket by Tony Sarg
Antique map of northern Germany by HOMANN
Antique map of Residential Nantucket by Tony Sarg 1937
Antique map of South America by John Tallis & Co.
Antique map of the United States circa 1850.
Antique map of Yarmouth, Cape Cod, 1880
Antique maple candlestand circa 1800.
Antique maple cutlery tray
Antique MAPS Gallery
Antique Marine Barometer by H. Negretti circa 1845
Antique marine etching Red Jacket by George Canning Wales
Antique MARINE Gallery
Antique marine navigational instrument
Antique marine print by Milton James Burns
Antique marine wrought iron CASK HOIST tool
Antique marking tool
Antique match holder WELL SWEEP
Antique Memorial to Washington 1850.
Antique miniature oil on COPPER
Antique miniature on ivory NAUGHTY scene
Antique miniature on ivory of a lady
Antique miniature pocket knife
Antique miniature round snuff box in gun metal black
Antique miniature seed sorter
Antique miniature splint basket circa 1900.
Antique miniature three handled cup Birmingham
Antique Minton souvenir tile NEWPORT
Antique MINTON tile of New Bedford
Antique MINTON tile of New Bedford Wharves
Antique Minton tile of Newport Trinity Church
Antique Minton tile of Trinity Church Newport
Antique MOCHA ware tankard
Antique molded brass DOG HEAD ashtray
Antique molded relief picture of the Nichols House by Symonds
Antique multi-drawer painted primitive cabinet
Antique nail set candleholder
Antique Nantucket original photograph of
Antique Nantucket 18th Century pettitcoat remnant
Antique Nantucket candlestand
Antique Nantucket carved wooden shoe form
Antique Nantucket Cobbler's shop photograph
Antique Nantucket coin silver tablespoon.
Antique NANTUCKET door latch T.Coffin 2nd
Antique Nantucket egg cage
Antique NANTUCKET Gallery
Antique Nantucket Lighship Basket by Sandsbury
Antique Nantucket Lighship waste basket circa 1920's
Antique Nantucket Lightship Covered Basket
Antique Nantucket Lightship basket
Antique Nantucket Lightship basket by A.D.Williams 1922
Antique Nantucket Lightship Basket by Ferdinand Sylvaro
Antique Nantucket Lightship Basket by Jose Reyes.
Antique Nantucket Lightship Basket by Reyes
Antique Nantucket Lightship Basket circa1890
Antique Nantucket Lightship Basket Sandsbury
Antique Nantucket Lightship basket signed A.D. Williams
Antique Nantucket Lightship Sewing Basket by Frederick S. Chadwick
Antique Nantucket Liship basket A.D.WILLIAMS1922
Antique Nantucket map by Ewer
Antique Nantucket map by TONY SARG 1926
Antique Nantucket marker circa 1875.
Antique Nantucket o/c painting of interior
Antique Nantucket oil painting by Ruth Haviland Sutton
Antique Nantucket original photo at Sconset
Antique Nantucket original photograph NHA
Antique Nantucket original photograph of Broad Street
Antique Nantucket photograph album circa 1910.
Antique Nantucket photograph of 'Sconset
Antique Nantucket photograph of child by J.FREEMAN
Antique Nantucket photograph of North Water St
Antique Nantucket photograph of the MARTHA'S VINEYARD
Antique Nantucket photograph of the old Paddock House 1890
Antique Nantucket photograph wharf scene
Antique Nantucket sailor-boy whirligig.
Antique Nantucket sailor-boy whrligig
Antique Nantucket sampler BURGESS 1811
Antique Nantucket sampler by Elizabeth P. Jones
Antique Nantucket Silver Ladle by Easton
Antique Nantucket souvenir spoon
Antique Nantucket watercolor by Bartholomew
Antique Nantucket watercolor by Jane B. Reid
Antique NANTUCKET watercolor by R.Winslow '15.
Antique Nantucket wooden shoe form .
Antique naval sword letter opener
Antique Negretti ans Zambra weather predictor
Antique New Bedford photograph of sunken boat.
Antique New England covered splint basket
Antique New England doll's bed
Antique New England painted pine REAL ESTATE sign
Antique New England splint basket
Antique New England splint basket baby's crib.
Antique Newport Minton tile with Church and Bell
Antique newspaper COLUMBIAN CENTINEL
Antique newspaper HAMPDEN FEDERALIST
Antique newspaper NEW YORK EVEN ING POST
Antique newspaper NEW-LONDON GAZETTE
Antique nickel plated cast iron nautical book ends
Antique Nine inch terrestial globe on stand
Antique NYC coin silver child's cup.
Antique NYE OIL bottle
Antique NYOIL bottle with box
Antique o/b painting by Arthur V. Diehl
Antique o/c of a Quaker Doll by Ora Inge Maxom
Antique o/c of sleeping dog signed J.Evrard
Antique oil Gloucester by Charles B. Rowley
Antique oil of SEACOAST
Antique oil of WASH DAY, NANTUCKET
Antique oil on board by Harold Dunbar
Antique oil on board by Minna G. Webb ca. 1930'a
Antique oil on board of Abraham Rieser, Berks, Pa.
Antique oil on board of Cape Cod interior
Antique oil on canvas board -" White Roofs, Portland"
Antique oil on canvas board WHARF SCENE
Antique oil on canvas Demarest NJ
Antique oil on canvas from Pennsylvania
Antique oil on canvas landscape by William F. Protz 1909
Antique oil on canvas of snow scene with birch trees
Antique oil on canvas portrait of Oliver C. Coffin, Nantucket
Antique oil on canvas SHIP EXCELSIOR
Antique oil on panel BOATYARD by Matthew Geddes
Antique oil on panel Nantucket Old Mill byMacy
Antique oil on panel of Nantucket Old Mill by Wendall Macy
Antique oil on panel of SHEEP
Antique oil on paper PARROT
Antique oil on wood WHALING SCENE
Antique oil painting by Clement Drew "Eddistone Light"
Antique oil painting of EMPRESS OF IRELAND ca.1907
Antique oil painting of three-masted ship by Vivian F. Porter.
Antique oil painting of Arab medina.
Antique Oil Painting of Interior Hearth by James Walter Folger
Antique oil painting of Nantucket by Ruth Eddy Colman
Antique oil painting of Nantucket Harbor
Antique oil painting of Steamboat City of Gloucester
Antique oil painting of the SS RESOLUTE ocean liner
Antique oil painting of Truro by Caleb Arnold Slade.
Antique oil painting still-life by Dorothy P. Paine
Antique oil portrait of GENTLEMAN in profile
Antique oil portrait of New England gentleman circa 1840
Antique Oriental carved figure on stand
Antique original Japanese watercolor
Antique original photograph of Nantucket
Antique original photograph of Upper Main St, Nantucket
Antique oval dish with repousee designs
Antique oval Nantucket Lightship basket circa 1922
Antique oval silver snuff box
Antique oval single block from TEAK
Antique oval toilet mirror on adjustable stand.
Antique oval UNION CASE
Antique P.O.W.Spinning Jenney toy
Antique painted and decorarted sign - KEYHOLDER
Antique painted and decorated ANCHOR box
Antique painted and decorated miniature chest
Antique painted and decorated tin COFFEE POT
Antique painted and decorated wooden basket
Antique painted and grained "candle" box
Antique painted and grained child's size toy chest of drawers
Antique painted artist's sign "Hathaway" from Windsor Ct.
Antique painted cast iron doorstop Cape Cottage
Antique painted cast iron horse
Antique painted cast iron HOUSE still bank
Antique painted cast metal bookends "FATHER KNICKERNOCKER"
Antique painted cast-iron footstool
Antique painted counter display cabinet
Antique painted louver fireboard.
Antique painted metal sitting cat
Antique painted pine sign INFORMATION.
Antique painted plaster PUG DOG.
Antique painted sign for Mrs. N. COTE
Antique painted snuff box
Antique painted snuffer tray and snuffer
Antique painted tin Boot and Shoe sign
Antique painted tin double candle lamp
Antique painted tin MATCH HOLDER
Antique painted tin parrot cage.
Antique painted tin sign from Winchendon, Mass.
Antique painted tole tin flower dish
Antique painted wire hanging basket
Antique painted wooden BOOT sign
Antique painted wooden bucket with swing handle
Antique painted wooden hitching ring
Antique painted wooden pail
Antique painted wooden USN cannon
Antique painting attributed to Benjamin Champney
Antique painting of whaling schooner by James Cree
Antique painting on glass Harbor scene
Antique Pair of Eagle Bookends by Marion Bronze - Rare Black Base
Antique pair of silver lorgnettes
Antique pamphlet of "Cape Cod Legends"
Antique papier mache inlaid snuff box.
Antique papier mache snuff box
Antique Papier Mache snuff box SUN
Antique papier mache snuff box with mirror
Antique papier mache snuff box with transfer
Antique PARALLEL navigational ebony ruler
Antique Patented LETTER paper clip
Antique PATRIOTIC Gallery
Antique PERPETUAL CALENDAR patented 1867
Antique pewter candlestick with saucer base
Antique pewter candlestick with swirl base
Antique pewter cup
Antique pewter double salt circa early 19th C.
Antique pewter EWER roccoc design
Antique pewter figure of STREET MUSICIAN
Antique PEWTER Gallery
Antique pewter plate Samuel Ellis 1740's.
Antique pewter plate with interesting marks
Antique pewter shuff box
Antique pewter small-size pewter porringer
Antique photograph from NANTUCKET
Antique photograph Nantucket OLD MILL
Antique photograph of Engine Sagamore
Antique photograph of Nantucket street corner
Antique photograph of New Bedford whalers at the wharves.
Antique photograph of Oldest House Nantucket
Antique photograph of the Old Swain House, Polpis
Antique PHOTOGRAPHS Gallery
Antique PICTURES Gallery
Antique pie crimper with architectural details.
Antique pie crimper with double hearts
Antique pie-plate candleholder
Antique pil paintig of flowers CALLADAY.
Antique Pink Cutlery Box
Antique plaster sculpture of Napoleon
Antique pockeet knife "BEEHIVE BRANDY"
Antique pocket CIGAR CUTTER
Antique pocket CIGAR CUTTER with tortoise shell.
Antique pocket COMPASS SHORT & MASON
Antique Pocket Compass by Negretti & Zambra
Antique pocket compass for Japanese market
Antique pocket compass KEUFFEL & ESSER
Antique pocket knife with ivory handle
Antique pocket lighter Spanish Coin 1870.
Antique pocket sundial
Antique pocket telescope with case
Antique pocket three-drawer telescope
Antique porcelain MATCH holder Germany.
Antique porcelain SWAN mustard pot
Antique pottery candle lamp circa 1875.
Antique POW watch stand with drawer 1813
Antique print "ALL IS VANITY " C. Allen Gilbert
Antique print map of HARVARD 300 years
Antique print newspaper Boston Massacre
Antique print of Arthur V. Diehl by John Drescher i
Antique print of Arthur V. Diehl circa 1920's
Antique print of Brant Point J.Walter Folger
Antique print of Mrs. FitzHerbert in a French frame
Antique print of Nantucket by Edgar Jenney
Antique print of Yale College circa 1850.
Antique printed map of Barnstable Mass. 1930.
Antique printed map of Cape Cod by Melanie Elizabeth Leonard
Antique printer's HAND from Nantucket
Antique pronted and written birth certificate 1821
Antique Provincetown ship wreck photograph
Antique quarter plate size TinType Gentleman
Antique red leather travelling writing box
Antique red painted covered willow basket
Antique red painted dust pan
Antique red painted kerosene keg with spigot
Antique red painted tin DIPPER
Antique redware open tankard circa 1850.
Antique Rockingham ceramic SHOE BOTTLE
Antique round map of EARTH eastern hemisphere
Antique Round tile of Hingham, Mass.
Antique Russian silver sugar sifter.
Antique sailboat half-model circa 1930's
Antique sailboat watercolor by Dr. Edward R.Sisson
Antique sailor made coconut water dipper.
Antique Sailor Made Draw Bucket
Antique sailor's box from New Bedford
Antique sailor's mop
Antique sailor-made table box inlaid on all sides.
Antique sailor-made three masted ship model
Antique sand filled glass from Nantucket
Antique Scandavian silver box with crown
Antique Schooner Washington 1813 document
Antique Scottish Marine Barometer Sympiesometer
Antique Scottish sterling silver teapot.
Antique scrimshaw cane with Palm wood
Antique SCRIMSHAW Gallery
Antique scrimshaw tooth LADY WITH DOG
Antique scrimshaw whale's tooth with sailor
Antique scrimshaw baleen busk
Antique scrimshaw ball top bodkin
Antique scrimshaw BIRD personal tool
Antique scrimshaw BODKIN fine details
Antique scrimshaw bodkin with clenched fist
Antique scrimshaw bodkin with dots
Antique scrimshaw bodkin with HEART finial
Antique scrimshaw bodkin with ring
Antique scrimshaw bodkin with wooden handle
Antique scrimshaw bone apple corer
Antique scrimshaw bone pastry roller.
Antique scrimshaw bone toy rifle
Antique Scrimshaw Boxes
Antique scrimshaw buggy whip
Antique scrimshaw cane from Martha's Vineyard
Antique scrimshaw cane on an exotic wood shaft
Antique scrimshaw cane with elaborately carved shaft
Antique scrimshaw cane with lady's leg.
Antique scrimshaw cane with large whale ivory handle.
Antique scrimshaw cane with removable handle.
Antique Scrimshaw Canes
Antique scrimshaw carved whale ivory cane handle
Antique scrimshaw carved whale ivory needleholder.
Antique scrimshaw coconut water dipper
Antique Scrimshaw Crimpers
Antique scrimshaw crochet hooks
Antique scrimshaw curved handle cane
Antique Scrimshaw Decorated Wall Mirror Candle Sconce
Antique Scrimshaw Double Heart Bodkin
Antique Scrimshaw Double Swift Inlaid Box
Antique Scrimshaw Etc.
Antique Scrimshaw Fist with Snake Walking Stick Top
Antique scrimshaw folk art tooth
Antique scrimshaw food chooper
Antique scrimshaw frame with tin type
Antique scrimshaw gentleman's watch chain
Antique scrimshaw heart "lock".
Antique Scrimshaw Heart Bodkin
Antique Scrimshaw Kissing Birds Bodkin
Antique scrimshaw letter opener
Antique scrimshaw letter opener
Antique scrimshaw library accessory
Antique Scrimshaw Pie Crimper
Antique scrimshaw pie crimper from Maine
Antique scrimshaw pie crimper Nantucket type
Antique scrimshaw pie crimper of the Nantucket type
Antique scrimshaw pie crimper with elaborate piercings
Antique scrimshaw pie crimper with wooden handle
Antique scrimshaw scribing tool
Antique scrimshaw seal
Antique scrimshaw sewing stand.
Antique scrimshaw shuttle tool
Antique scrimshaw spatula with whalebone handle
Antique Scrimshaw Sperm Whale Ivory Carved Fist with Snake
Antique Scrimshaw Sperm Whale Ivory Pie Crimper with Inlays
Antique Scrimshaw Sperm Whale Tooth with British Revenue Cutters
Antique Scrimshaw Sperm Whale Tooth with Girl Holding Jump Rope
Antique Scrimshaw Sperm Whale Tooth with Lady Liberty
Antique scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth corkscrew
Antique scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth COURTSHIP
Antique scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth EMMA
Antique scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth HMS Fantome
Antique scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth WHALING
Antique scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth WHALING SCENE
Antique scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth with horse rider
Antique scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth with ship
Antique scrimshaw sperm whale;s tooth with ships.
Antique scrimshaw spermwhale's tooth with ship
Antique scrimshaw steel rod with whale ivory knob
Antique Scrimshaw Sweetheart Trick Box
Antique scrimshaw SWORD CANE
Antique scrimshaw T-square
Antique scrimshaw table box with elaborate inlays
Antique Scrimshaw Teeth
Antique Scrimshaw Tools
Antique scrimshaw tooth with WHALE & SHIP
Antique scrimshaw tooth "FANNY CAMPBELL"
Antique scrimshaw tooth "Queen"
Antique scrimshaw tooth IRISH sailor
Antique scrimshaw tooth Sandwich Islands.
Antique scrimshaw tooth THE ARCHER
Antique scrimshaw tooth with double ships
Antique scrimshaw tooth with double whaling scene.
Antique scrimshaw tooth with fashion lady
Antique scrimshaw tooth with fashion lady
Antique scrimshaw tooth with fashion lady.
Antique scrimshaw tooth with interesting history
Antique scrimshaw tooth with lady in profile
Antique scrimshaw tooth with Napoleon and Jaff 1799
Antique scrimshaw tooth with naval battle scenes
Antique scrimshaw tooth with rare cityscape
Antique scrimshaw tooth with sailor.
Antique scrimshaw tooth with ship
Antique scrimshaw tooth with ship and courtship
Antique scrimshaw tooth with ship and lighthouse
Antique scrimshaw tooth with ships and churches
Antique scrimshaw tooth with SIDE-WHEELER.
Antique scrimshaw tooth with USS PLYMOUTH
Antique scrimshaw tooth with Victorian figures
Antique scrimshaw tooth with Victorian girl
Antique Scrimshaw Triple Heart Bodkin
Antique scrimshaw walrus large serving spoon
Antique Scrimshaw Walrus Tusk with Victorian Lady
Antique scrimshaw water dipper SHIELD
Antique scrimshaw whale bone single block.
Antique scrimshaw whale ivory bodkin
Antique scrimshaw whale ivory gun powder measure
Antique scrimshaw whale ivory handled COFFIN stamp
Antique scrimshaw whale ivory PICKWICK
Antique scrimshaw whale ivory plug
Antique scrimshaw whale ivory seal
Antique scrimshaw whale's tooth by Naval Engagement engraver
Antique scrimshaw whale's tooth with large ship
Antique scrimshaw whalebone busk with MERPHEY
Antique scrimshaw whalebone whale
Antique scrimshaw whalebone cribbage board.
Antique scrimshaw whalebone decorative anchor
Antique scrimshaw whalebone ditty box
Antique scrimshaw whalebone FID
Antique scrimshaw whalebone FID
Antique scrimshaw whalebone fid
Antique scrimshaw whalebone FID with knob
Antique scrimshaw whalebone marrow scoop
Antique scrimshaw whalebone scraper
Antique scrimshaw whalebone single block
Antique scrimshaw whalebone single block
Antique scrimshaw whalebone toggle latch from Plymouth
Antique Scrimshaw Whalebone Tool
Antique scrimshaw whalebone tool
Antique scrimshw bodkinwith turned lines
Antique scrimshw pie crimper with pierced hearts
Antique scrimshw whalebone and teak PENDANT
Antique SCULPTURE Gallery
Antique SCULPTURE Gallery
Antique sculpture of sailor with nautical details.
Antique seashore oil painting signed and dated 1902
Antique selfportrait of Charles Furneaux 1870
Antique set of 12 large and small knives.
Antique set of Clothespins
Antique set of GEOMETRICAL objects
Antique Seth Thomas ship's clock
Antique sewing box with finely fitted interior tray
Antique shadow box of the" Palmira"
Antique SHAKER ALMANAC booklet 1886.
Antique Shaker clothes brush
Antique SHAKER STRAW PLAITER f ound Nantucket
Antique sheathed DAGGER
Antique sheet iron sperm whale weathervane
Antique sheet iron TOP HAT sign
Antique Sheffield covered sauce tureen
Antique Sheffield inkstand
Antique Sheffield plate CANAPE three part dish
Antique Sheffield plate TEA POT marked with flower finial
Antique Sheffield plate teapot by Philip Ashbury and Sons
Antique Sheffiled plate coffee pot by Mappin Brothers
Antique SHELL doll from Cape Cod
Antique shell work box
Antique shell work LIFE RING with thermometer
Antique Sheraton style dressing looking-glass.
Antique ship in bottle
Antique ship in bottle flying the French flag
Antique ship in bottle four-masted ship
Antique ship in bottle with Bark and tugboat
Antique ship model made with glass rigging
Antique ship motif LETTER clip
Antique ship painting by Lee Pevsar.
Antique ship painting on a fine burl wood palette
Antique ship's name board
Antique ship's wheel CIGAR CUTTER
Antique ship's wheel in old yellow paint
Antique ship-in-bottle with lighthouse scene.
Antique shoe measurement instrument
Antique sign from SCITUATE
Antique signed HOGSCRAPER candlestick
Antique SIGNS Gallery
Antique silhouette by William Hubard dated 1841
Antique silhouette from South Yarmouth Cape Cod
Antique silhouette Wm. Eden ca. 1800
Antique SILVER & GOLD Gallery
Antique silver box makred JL
Antique silver Continental fruit corer circa 1875
Antique silver EWER with Victorian revival designs
Antique silver filagree EGG pendant with porcelain inset
Antique silver filagree fish box.
Antique silver fraternity medal
Antique silver gilt match safe.
antique silver handle with classical figure
Antique silver jeweler's sign Little Rock, Arkansas. 1887
Antique silver knob cane DR. MANGUIN
Antique silver master salt circa 1844
Antique silver match safe
Antique silver Nantucket souvenir spoon
Antique silver plated covered box
Antique silver plated arrow-skewer
Antique silver plated candle SNUFFER
Antique silver plated CHAMBERSTICK
Antique silver plated Nantucket souvenir plate ca. 1900
Antique silver plateed CHINESE HAND MIRROR
Antique silver SAUCE BOAT with ladle
Antique silver Sheffield chamberstick
Antique silver small hand mirror.
Antique silver snuff box .
Antique silver sugar tongs circa 1760
Antique silver sugar tongs made circa 1750
Antique silver tablespoon marked J.S.Kelley
Antique silver tea ball
Antique silver teaspoon by William Hadwen, Nantucket
Antique silver top cane BONNIE SCOTLAND
Antique silver TURTLE note holder.
Antique silver vermeil GRAPES & LEAVES brooch
Antique silver wine basket
Antique silvered pewter mug
Antique single drawer telescope by Ross, London
Antique six drawer miniature chest.
Antique small folding corkscrew HAVELL"S PATENT
Antique smoking set with ship's wheel
Antique soft paste decorated pitcher
Antique soild brass whistle on chain
Antique SOLD Gallery
Antique solid silver BIRD BOTTLE PERFUMER
Antique South American FISH bottle
Antique South Pacific FLY-WISK from Nantucket
Antique souvenir box from Provincetown
Antique souvenir condiment set
Antique souvenir tumbler Nantucket 1896
Antique spear head in walrus ivory
Antique Sperm Whale tooth by the Banknote Engraver
Antique sperm whale tooth form Cape Cod
Antique Sperm Whale Tooth Thomas Cavendish
Antique Sperm Whale tooth with Barnstable MA Oddfellows Lodge Scrimshaw
Antique Sperm Whale Tooth with Battle of Trafalgar Scene
Antique Sperm Whale Tooth with Girl & Dog
Antique Sperm Whale Tooth with Scrimshaw Memorial
Antique Sperm Whale Tooth with Scrimshaw Ship and Lady
Antique Sperm Whale Tooth with Ship & Eagle Scrimshaw
Antique Sperm Whale Tooth with Ship and Birds
Antique Sperm Whale Tooth with Whaleship, Eagle, and Sperm Whale
Antique Sperm Whale Tooth with Whaleship, Whale, and Monument
Antique sperm whale's tooth LIBERTY/EAGLE
Antique splint basket painted a whalebone color
Antique sponge decorated deep dish
Antique sponge ware pictcher
Antique square shaped pocket compass
Antique Staffordshire SWAN inkwell
Antique stamped brass frame
Antique steel and brass fire tongs.
Antique steel and cast iron table swift
Antique steel key holder circa 1800
Antique steel pair of eyeglasses
Antique steel SEWING BIRD
Antique steel snuuf box
Antique steel watch makers anvil
Antique Sterling silver 'broken" heart
Antique sterling silver brief case tag
Antique sterling silver Cape Cod souvenir spoon
Antique Sterling silver corkscrew GOLF bag
Antique Sterling silver GORHAM porringer
Antique sterling silver skewer.
Antique Sterling silver THIMBLE AND CASE
Antique sterling silver topped cane
Antique Sterling silver wine coaster18th C.
Antique Sterling VINAIGRETTE 1861
Antique still life flower painting
Antique still life oil painting on canvas circa 1930's.
Antique still life painting by Dorothy P.Paine
Antique still-life print by Nantucket artist Maud Stumm
Antique stoneware tobacco crock from New Bedford.
Antique swing handle Nantucket Lightship basket Sylvaro
Antique swing-handled apple basket.
Antique swing-handled basket with wooden bottom
Antique table thermometer by Bradley & Hubbard
Antique Tabua whale's tooth
Antique TAFFRAIL LOG boating instrument.
Antique Telescope Samuel Thaxter, Boston
Antique telescope with original case
Antique terrestial 12 inch globe on stand
Antique terrestial globe marked HAMMOND & CO.
antique TERRIER corkscrew
Antique THE MODEL SHIP PUZZLE by Milton Bradley ca. 1890
Antique Thermometer by Pinkham & Smith
Antique thermometer mounted on porcelain back
Antique three finger pull corkscrew
Antique three finger steel corkscrew
Antique three-part folding brass snuff box
Antique tile of Old Meeting House, Hingham
Antique Timby's Stick Barometer
Antique tin ABC plate
Antique tin box document from Nantucket
Antique tin BUBBLE PIPE
Antique tin petticoat lamp
Antique TIN TYPE dated 1861
Antique TIN TYPE of Capt Henry Coleman
Antique TIN TYPE of Lucinda Bryant-Smith
Antique tin wall thermometer and "barometer"
Antique tip top brass miniature table
Antique tip-top candlestand.
Antique Toggle Head Whaling Harpoon Signed Peters
Antique tole tin miniature box
Antique TONY SARG covered box
Antique tools in a bottle
Antique Tortoise Shell & Silver Snuff Box from Hussey / Ewer Family of Nantucket
Antique Tortoise Shell Snuff Box with Ivory Miniature
Antique toy ZEBRA
Antique toy animal "Antelope"
Antique toy clown rolling wheel toy
Antique toy pewter candlesticks and platter
Antique toy spelling game board.
Antique TOY wooden and bead ABACUS
Antique TOYS & GAMES Gallery
Antique trade cards SOAPINE
Antique transfer decorated framed tile of Hancock House
Antique travelling barometer with leather case
Antique travelling map of British Isles 1828
Antique treenware compass box
Antique TRIANGULAR measuring tool in case
Antique turned bone thimble
Antique turned whale ivory scrimshaw bodkin
Antique turned wooden BARREL BOX
Antique turned wooden covered ACORN jar
Antique turned wooden covered tobacco barrel.
Antique turned wooden miniature mortar & pestle
Antique two-drawer sewing stand.
Antique two-piece carved scrimshaw miniatures
Antique Tycos Thermometer
Antique UNION CASE by Critchlow
Antique UNION CASE with cannon
Antique UNION CASE by Litlefield, Parsons & Company.
Antique UNION CASE by Littlefield, Parson,& Co.
Antique UNION CASE by Littlefield, Parsons & Co
Antique UNION CASE with 4 sixth plate openings
Antique UNION CASE with law design.
Antique Victorian brass GRAPE cluster.
Antique Victorian CIGAR HOLDER
Antique Victorian print 'Merry Christmas"
Antique wall aneroid barometer
Antique wall box with drawer from Nantucket.
Antique wall match holder dated 1905.
Antique wall ORDER BOX in old paint
Antique wall thermometer marked HOEHN
Antique Walnut looking-glass with "Lovebird" crest.
Antique walrus ivory letter opener
Antique watch holder with light
Antique watercolor by Frances B. Townsend
Antique watercolor by H. ANTHONY DYER
Antique watercolor by Nantucket artist J. B. Reid
Antique watercolor Nantucket by Marianna V. Pelt
Antique watercolor of Nantucket JB Reid
Antique watercolor of an English SLOOP
Antique watercolor of Farmer Street, Nantucket ca.1880
Antique watercolor of historic Boston house.
Antique watercolor of Nantucket by H. Anthony Dyer
Antique watercolor of Nantucket by WN Bartholomew
Antique watercolor of Nantucket Harbor by JDHunting
Antique watercolor of New Bedford by James Cree 1919
Antique watercolor of Sankaty Head Lighthouse by Platt
Antique watercolor of Stone Alley, Nantucket
Antique watercolor of the Brigantine ANNIE LLOYD 1881
Antique watercolor on paper by Geo. M. Hathaway
Antique weathered brass door knocker
Antique WEATHERVANE - Bicycle for TWO
Antique WEATHERVANE Gallery
Antique WEDGWOOD pitcher and bowl
Antique Wedgwood souvenir Nantucket plate
Antique Wedgwood souvenir plate Oldest House
Antique whale bone swift rod
Antique whale ivory bodkin
Antique whale ivory bodkin with SEAL top
Antique whale ivory crimper with STAR wheel
Antique whale ivory pie crimer with shaped handle
Antique whale ivory pie crimper with three tyne fork.
Antique Whale Ivory Pincushion with Clamp
Antique whale ivory scrimshaw bodkin with cage
Antique whale ivory token
Antique whale oil bottle from Maine.
Antique Whalebone Adze from Nantucket
Antique whalebone BODKIN
Antique whalebone BODKIN
Antique whalebone bodkin with seal
Antique whalebone busk with exotic TEMPLE
Antique whalebone crimper with HEART
Antique whalebone FID
Antique whalebone fid with ball carving
Antique whalebone library tool.
Antique whalebone marking gauge
Antique whalebone miniature spears
Antique Whalebone Object from Barbara Johnson Collection
Antique whalebone oval scrimshaw ditty box
Antique whalebone panel of a ship
Antique Whalebone Polychrome Scrimshaw Busk with Patriotic Eagle & Whale Weathervanes
Antique whalebone riding crop
Antique Whalebone Scrimshaw Bodkin
Antique Whalebone Scrimshaw Busk Three Goddesses
Antique whalebone scrimshaw thimble HEARTS
Antique whalebone seamer with turned handle
Antique whalebone straight RAZOR
Antique whaleship from Nantucket
Antique whaleship painting.
Antique WHALING Gallery
Antique Whaling Logbook Helca 1844 - 1845
Antique Whaling Logbook Ship Julian / Bark Ohio 1863 - 1864
Antique wicker WASTE BASKET
Antique wicker woven cutlery tray
Antique winter scene shadow box
Antique wire and iron basket in original paint.
Antique wire folding fireplace screen of small size
Antique wire RAT TRAP "HOLD'EM"
Antique woodcut print by Allen Lewis
Antique wooden compass circa 1825
Antique wooden sugar caster
Antique wooden ACORN sewing darner
Antique wooden and brass bound bucket
Antique wooden beading tool with whalebone wedge
Antique wooden DARNING EGG
Antique wooden handle with brush corkscrew
Antique wooden hat rack with chip carved design
Antique wooden miniautre kettle Delaware Water Gap
Antique wooden piece of old Nantucket tower clock
Antique wooden sander exotic wood.
Antique wooden seamer
Antique wooden SERVER tool
Antique wooden sieve from Nantucket
Antique wooden stool with scallop skirt
Antique wooden wall rack
Antique wooden wall SALT BOX
Antique woven splint basket
Antique woven splint buttocks basket.
Antique wrought irn toasting fork
Antique wrought iron calipers
Antique wrought iron calipers signed COLES
Antique wrought iron Captain and Mermaid doorknocker.
Antique wrought iron door LATCH
Antique wrought iron door latch Nantucket
Antique wrought iron double hook
Antique wrought iron fid.
Antique wrought iron fireplace roaster
Antique wrought iron trivet
Antique WWI pocket covered compass.
Antitque American "Bennington" inkwell
Antiuque carved whalebone bodkin
Antoique American POLITICAL print dated 1838
Antqiue American chalkware Spaniel
Antqiue brass standing bell
Antqiue Cape Cod scrimshaw yard stick
Antqiue folding foot measurement tool
Antqiue painted and grained chest.
Antqiue set of 7 silver skewers
Antque carved wooden HEART BOX
Assembled set of seven antique silver teaspoons
Barnstable Shipyard Watercolor by John Austin
Beach Cottages by E. Beatriz Worthley
Beach House Painting by John Austin
Beach scene at Squibnocket Beach, Martha's Vineyard
Beach scene by Gertrude Martin Tonsberg
Beautiful curly maple book case for desk
Beautiful oil on canvas painting of Capri by Welters
Beautifully crafted siver filagree case
Bench made hanging wall cabinet
BEST pierced pie crimper
Best walking stick
Big tooth at Skinner's June sale.
Bird and snake crimper
Black and white drawing of old Cape Cod
Black painted marine box
Black painted wire tiered stand
Blue painted and decorated 19th C. tin trunk
Brant Point Light by R. Koehler
Brant Point Lighthouse Silkscreen Print by Nantucket Artist Roy Clifford Smith
Brass doorknocker with MAYFLOWER 1620
Brass porthole ashtray
Brewster, Cape Cod souvenir
Brittania -one of a pair
Bronze Clad Eagle Bookends by Marion Bronze
C. DeVetter / Liberty Scrimshaw Antique Sperm Whale Tooth
Cape Cod birdhouse with miniature weathervane
Cape Cod Family Record
Cape Cod Lighthouse Watercolor by John Austin
Carve antique whalebone seamer
Carved and painted ROOSTER weathervane
Carved antique scrimshaw bone knife.
Carved antique Eskimo dog
Carved one-piece wooden sailor's whimsey
Carved wooden cane with American Eagle head
Carved wooden figure of Don Quixote
Carved wooden stamp with raised anchor
Carved wooden whale stamp WHALE'S TAIL
Carved wooden young girl's head
Cast bronze figure of seagull
Cast Bronze USS Whale SSN 638 Medallion Plaque
Cast Iron Clipper Ship Doorstop
Cast metal sailor doorstop
Cast-iron doorstop
Catherine the Great's walking stick
Charming antique American cared and painted
Charming antique American scrimshaw tooth with flower vase
Charming antique English tooth dated 1872
Charming antique French souvenir.
Charming antique painted tole wall shelf
Charming antique spring toy
Charming antique suitcase with travel stickers.
Charming carved and painted toy Zebra
Charming doll size two drawer cupboard in old red paint.
Charming folk made Cape Cod house wooden doorstop
Charming folk made carved wooden toy dog.
Charming French silver key chain TRAIN
Charming nautical diorama of two old salts.
Charming pair antique BOY & DOG bookends
Charming papered pine dome box
Charming vintage SKI puppet toy
Charming vintage toy of "nodding" of St. Bernard puppies
Charming vintage toy sailboat.
Chelsea wall barometer with clock
Choice 18th C. Queen Anne candlestick
Choice American marine painting by Vivian F. Porter '32
Choice and very rare American COMPASS by G. KING
Choice anfique scrimshaw measuring stick
Choice antique scrimshaw carved whale ivory SWAN
Choice antique "Newhall" soft paste cache pot
Choice antique American baleen busk
Choice antique American brass lantern 1859
Choice antique American cutlery box
Choice antique American hand lantern
Choice antique American heart-handled tray
Choice antique American pewter charger by Badger
Choice antique American scrimshaw CRIMPER palm wood
Choice antique American scrimshaw busk
Choice antique American scrimshaw EAGlE HEAD pie crimper
Choice antique American scrimshaw LARGE rolling pin
Choice antique American scrimshaw pie crimper
Choice antique American scrimshaw rolling pin
Choice antique American scrimshaw tooth 3 scenes.
Choice antique American scrimshaw tooth HARBOR SCENES
Choice antique American tole TEA CADDY
Choice antique brass candlstick
Choice antique brass covered pocket sundial/compass
Choice antique brass pipe tamper
Choice antique cast-iron BELLE doorstop
Choice antique cast-iron Cape Cod house doorstop
Choice antique corkscrew with large spring.
Choice antique English scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth
Choice antique English silver salver 1766
Choice antique finely woven basket
Choice antique folk made EAGLE head cane 1894.
Choice antique full cast-iron CAT doorstop
Choice antique ladies dresser box circa 1860
Choice antique mahogany Georgian ink stand
Choice antique miniature portrait Wm. Blanchard
Choice antique Nantucket basket by Jose Reyes
Choice antique Nantucket covered basket by Boyer
Choice antique Nantucket watercolor circa 1890.
Choice antique Nantucket watercolor J.B.Reid
Choice antique oil painting of Nantucket by George Lear
Choice antique oil painting on board by Charles D. Cahoon
Choice antique oval Lightship basket by W.D. Appleton
Choice antique pie crimper
Choice antique POW "BOOK-BOX" circa 1820.
Choice antique print (pair) by Edgar W. Jenney
Choice antique print by Edgar W. Jenney
Choice antique Queen Anne candlestick
Choice antique rectangular splint basket
Choice antique scrimshaw bodkin
Choice antique scrimshaw bodkin with elaborate handle
Choice antique scrimshaw cane with TURK'S HEAD knob
Choice antique scrimshaw dressing box
Choice antique scrimshaw engraved tooth
Choice antique scrimshaw FIST cane
Choice antique scrimshaw inlaid rolling pin
Choice antique scrimshaw NEPTUNE tooth
Choice antique scrimshaw PIE CRIMPER
Choice antique scrimshaw tooth from Provincetown
Choice antique scrimshaw tooth HOMEWARD BOUND
Choice antique scrimshaw tooth with MAORI.
Choice antique scrimshaw tooth with two sailing ships
Choice antique scrimshaw whale ivory SEAMER
Choice antique scrimshaw whaling tooth
Choice antique TEMPLE type whaling harpoon
Choice antique TORTOISE SHELL card case
Choice antique travelling LOOKING GLASS.
Choice antique watercolor of Nantucket JB Reid
Choice antique whirligig HORSE RACE
Choice brass sundial dated 1760.
Choice collector's bird carving by Hooton Kohala '68
Choice hand made antique sterling silver bowl
Choice Jose Reyes Nantucket Lightship basket dated 1969.
Choice Nantucket Lightship Basket by Stephen Gibbs
Choice Nantucket candlestand table
Choice Nantucket Lightship bag
Choice Nantucket Lightship Basket BOYER
Choice Nantucket Lightship basket by Gibbs
Choice Nantucket Lightship basket by Jose Reyes
Choice Nantucket Lightship basket by Michael Kane 1976
Choice Nantucket Lightship basket by Reyes
Choice Nantucket Lightship Basket by Stephen Gibbs
Choice Nantucket painting by Ruth Haviland Sutton
Choice oil painting by Elizabeth Saltonstall dated 1924.
Choice painting by Nantucket artist Andrew Shunney
Choice pair antique creamware ship's plates.
Choice pair antique sperm whale teeth on stand
Choice pair of antique B&H cast iron bookends
Choice pair of antique scrimshaw teeth with sea life.
Choice pair of antique scrimshw teeth
Choice scrimshaw tooth Nelson's Ship Victory
Choice set of FOUR SEASONS prints by Peter Hunt
Choice set of three COPY BOOKS by George Almy
Choice set of turned WHALE IVORY liqueur service
Choice ship model of Steamship Nantucket by Rex Stewart
Choice vintage cast iron painted BOTTLE OPENER
Choice vintage colored Nantucket photo by Gardiner
Choice vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket by Jose Reyes.
Choice watercolor of Sankaty Head Light by Hare
Christies, NYC sale - January, 2003.
Classic Nantucket Lightship basket by Reyes
Collection of 36 old Nantucket keys
Collection of 5 American Eagle paperweights
Collection of old Great Lakes fishing lures
Collection of The Skipper restaurant paper memorabilia.
Color lithograph print by Nantucket artist Andrew Shunney
Colorful pair of antique bird bookends
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Contemporary original watercolor by RV Prosser
Crow's Nest - Scrimshaw News
D.E. Lent Stick Barometer
Decorative French game NAIN JAUNE circa 1900.
Double snake walking stick
Dramatic pair of antique cast bronze DOLPHIN bookends
Eagle Bookends by Marion Bronze
Eagle Bookends by Marion Bronze
Eagle portraitist
Early 18th C tablespoon maker unknown
Early 18th Century English map of NORTH WALES
Early 19 th Century miniature painted box
Early 19th C single drawer telescope signed
Early 19th C. American painted and decorated box
Early 19th C. blown and engraved rummer glass
Early 19th C. cherry wood foot stool.
Early 19th C. English salver
Early 19th C. Watercolor Memorial from Lexington, Mass.
Early 19th Century ivory snuff box
Early 19th Century pewter candlestick Egyptian motif
Early 20th C. Cape Cod Ship Weathervane
Early American black ball ballot box
Early American sewing pincushion clamp
Early bone handled corkscrew.
Early brass shoe horn
Early framed wax portrait Washington
Early painted bank-box from Maine.
Early silver box.
Ebony / Ivory Antique Traveling Thermometer
English made brass table compass.
Engraved tooth with Liberty
Excellent antique American scrimshaw table box
Exceptional antique American shell work box
Exceptional antique carved wooden artist's model
Exceptional Antique Scrimshaw Footstool
Extra fine Nantucket Lightship Basket
Extraordinary carved wooden "rope" cane
Extraordinary silver oval DUTCH box circa 1860.
Ffine quality antique doorstop USS CONSTITTUTION
Fijiian necklace
Fine antique decanter circa 1800
Fine antique oval Nantucket Lightship Basket
Fine English watercolor by Wilson
Fine pair of antique cast metal LINCOLN bookends
Fine pair of DIETZ FIRE KING DEPT. lanterns
Fine quality American silver compote.circa 1860.
Fine quality antique silver plated fruit basket.
Fine quality folding sighting compass signed.
Fine quality large size miniature on ivory
Fine quality miniature stage coach
Fine quality pocket compass in original leather case
Fine quality vintage pocket opera glasses by Asprey
Fine quality whaleship model of the Charles W. Morgan
Finely carved antique bone sewing tool
Finely carved antique Export table box
Fish Stand Painting by John Austin
Flying Albatross tooth
Folk art drawing of a whaling scene ca. 1875
Folk art oil on canvas of New Bedford boat house.
Folk art painting "SAILOR'S FAREWELL"
Folk art ship painting of the "Alice R. Ray"
Folk made heavy tin bird house.
Folk made model of a BARK
Folk made ship model
Folky carved and painted flying seagull
Folky oil on canvas painting of the Old Mill, Nantucket.
Follky oil on panel of Whale Hunt
Four antique folding rulers
Four antique wrought iron hooks Nantucket
Framed WAX PORTRAIT of an 18th C. gentleman.
Funky, cute and fun chalk ware puppy dog 1939
Great American folkart whirligig JIGGS & MAGGIE.
Great antique carved wooden flying goose weathervane
Great antique cast iron WHALE'S TAIL doorstop
Great antique cast-iron LION'S HEAD
Great antique scrimshaw carved fist cane
Great antique souvenir spoon from San Francisco
Great cast iron TOP HAT floor stand
Great Eagle tooth
Great hand swift
Great MONKEY doorstop
Great nautical inkwell
Great pair of antique American scrimshaw teeth
Great pair of antique bell-metal candlesticks.
Great pair of black painted lanterns
Great pair of painted cast iron INDIAN bookends
Great pair of wrought iron ANCHOR andirons.
Great pornographic tooth discovered.
Great scrimshaw tooth by the "Naval Engagement" artist
Great tooth now private collection
Great walking stick
Great Whale tooth
Great wine-maker's seal
Hand carved OLD SALT figure with pilings
Hand wrought iron Folk Made snake
Handmade brass hanging birdcage
Handsome antique 18 inch terrrestial globe.
Handsome antique brass double ink stand
Handsome antique brass nautical motif inkwell
Handsome antique mahogany strong box
Handsome antique whalebone pie crimper
Handsome black painted folk carved cane
Handsome carved and painted whale board
Handsome large size scrimshaw pie crimper
Handsome signed antique folding table desk
Handsome Sterling silver teapot on stand
Heavy brass decorative antique nautical emblem
Hogan Art Gallery
Important 18th C. Sheffield plate salver
Important American folk art patriotic shell work picture.
Indian whirligig
Interesting antique cast iron PEEPING TOM
Interesting collection of 22 antique paper boxes
Interesting collection of carved teaching geometric examples.
Interesting collection of paper boxes
Interesting life-size plaster mask of Napoleon
Interesting set of handmade wooden clamps.
Interesting ship model
Jose Reyes Nantucket Lightship Basket 1954
Jose Reyes Nantucket Lightship Basket 1964
Large 19th Century Chinese Export covered vase
Large antique cast-iron ship doorstop
Large antique scrimshaw tooth BULL
Large antique tooth with figure of HOPE
Large size antique photograph of Plymouth Harbor
Large size red painted ELEPHANT DOORSTOP.
Large watercolor of Stone Alley, Nantucket
Large watercolor on paper of Nantucket beach by Ripley
Late 18th C brass door knocker
Late 18th C, weight scale box signed.
Late 18th C. Mass side chair with OWL BACK splat design
Late 19th C. silver tea caddy
Late 19th Century American print of Worcester Salt
Lily Street by Anne Ramsdell Congdon
Limited edition print by Andrew Shunney
Lithograph of sea shells by E. Saltonstall
Liverpool jug circa 1800
Maori whalebone club
Marion Brothers Eagle Bookends
Martha's Vineyard beach and dune scene by FH Daniels.
Martha's Vineyard Tercentenary Map 1930
Martha's Vineyard weathervane
Marvelous antique WINDMILL whirligig
Men in rigging tooth
Mermaid picture by Geo.G. Fish
Mermaid Tooth
Mid 19th American oval landscape with birds
Mid 19th C. American sign W.A.Hutchinson
Mid 19th C. antique tooth with Hudson River Sloop
Mid 19th C. very fine filagree box
Miniature antique blown glass covered TANKARD.
Miniature antique print of Cape Cod poem
Miniature antique water tower.
Miniature carved and painted wooden horse
Miniature Dutch brass CHANDELIER
Miniature on ivory by Albert Edward Jackson
Model of a two-masted dory.
Model of the fishing boat "Canadiene"
Model of three-masted sailboat..with wooden sails.
Nantucket "Cocktail" Basket Purse by Jose Formosa Reyes 1968
Nantucket Basket "Cocktail" Purse by Jose Formosa Reyes 1959
NANTUCKET Basket Gallery
Nantucket Brant Point by John Austin
Nantucket Brant Point Lighthouse in Winter by John Austin
Nantucket Lightship Basket Purse by Jose Formosa Reyes 1959
Nantucket Lightship Basket Purse by Stanley Roop 1968
Nantucket Map by Tony Sarg 1926
Nantucket Old Mill Box by Tony Sarg
Nantucket Paintings
Nantucket print by Robert Perrin
Nantucket Sailor Boy whirligig
Nantucket shaving box
Nantucket souvenirs
Nantucket Tall Form Basket Purse by Jose Formosa Reyes 1974
Nantucket Tony Sarg Round Box with Whaling Scene
Nantucket watercolor by John J. LaVallee, 1926
Nantucket whaling captain by William Swain
Native Alaskan Walrus Ivory Toggle
Naval Battle engraver
Neptune - one of a pair
New England seacoast oil painting by W.H. Savage
New England splint basket with branded name.
No Name
Oil on board "Alabama Fruits"
Oil on board "Nantucket Quaker Lady" circa 1875.
Oil on board "Surf" signed Harold Walker
Oil on board - portrait by Vigneron
Oil on board Butte, Montana by Ruth Payne Burgess
Oil on board by Frank Carson
Oil on board by Nantucket artist G.G. Fish
Oil on board by Paul Crosthwaite, Nantucket
Oil on board painting by Harold Walker.
Oil on board painting of Nantucket wharves by Anne Waldron
Oil on board Provincetown Beach by Raymond Hill
Oil on board wharf scene with boats.
Oil on canvas " View of Wharf Shacks", Nantucket
Oil on canvas "Cape Cod Windmill " by Carlton
Oil on canvas "Lobster and Lace" circa 1890.
Oil on canvas "The Caught Bass" still life
Oil on canvas board of Cotuit Oyster shack
Oil on canvas landscape attributed to Thomas Chambers
Oil on canvas of Madaket beach, Nantucket, Ma
Oil on canvas of Old Steamboat Wharf, Nantucket
Oil on canvas of the "Church at Wellfleet" by Frank Carson
Oil on canvas portrait of an "Old Salt"
Oil on canvas ship portrait signed Landry circa 1880
Oil on canvas still life by J.M.Newell 1898
Oil painting of Capri
Oil painting of Nantucket by Ruth Haviland Sutton
Oil painting of Nantucket harbor by Elizabeth Saltonstall
Old Antiques Dealer sign from Nantucket
Old Cape Cod painted fish mold
Old carved American Eagle in full polychrome
Old carved and painted AFRICAN wooden mask
Old Nantucket fishing jig with scrimshaw lures.
Old Nantucket Lightship basket by Whitten
Old ship-in-bottle of an American BRIG
Old vintage cardboard box Cape Cod Cranberries.
Old wax portrait of George Washington by Borghese
One of the great ones
One of the great Reyes Nantucket Lightship basket
Original "Cape Cod Boys" print by Liz Mumford
Original antique drawing by Benjamin Champney
Original antique Schoenhut clown and stand
Original BULL FIGHTING poster
Original CDV of Captain McCleave, Nantucket
Original colored photograph of Stone Alley by H. Gardner
Original drawing of Nantucket South Church
Original Gordon Grant lithograph "Swordfisher Man"
Original linoleum block print of Nantucket
Original Nantucket painting by Philip Hicken
Original Nantucket pen nd ink drawing by Roy Bailey
Original Nantucket wharf print by Edgar W. Jenney
Original painting by Nantucket artist John Austin
Original photograph of Louisa May Alcott
Original photograph of the old Nantucket Black meeting house.
Original Tony Sarg printed map of Nantucket
Original watercolor of Nantucket by D&R BEERS
Outstanding carved mahogany CATHEAD.
Pacific Club by Tony Sarg
Painted cast-iron Duke of Wellington Doorstop
Pair !8th C style Queen Anne candlestick
Pair 18th C silver on brass candlesticks.
Pair 18th C. brass pipe tongs.
Pair antiique iron LEG IRONS
Pair antique steel NUT CRACKERS
Pair antique American silver eyeglasses McALLISTER
Pair antique American blown covered clear glass jars
Pair antique American bookends FIREPLACE-HEARTH
Pair antique American cut glass green CANDLESTICKS
Pair antique American painted INDIAN CLUBS
Pair antique American scrimshaw teeth
Pair antique American scrimshaw teeth SHIP & BARQUE
Pair antique American silver eyeglasses wooden case
Pair antique American silver teaspoons Thomas Norton.
Pair antique bell-metal brass candlesticks.
Pair antique brass candlesticks
Pair antique brass candlesticks push-ups
Pair antique brass chambersticks
Pair antique brass CLASSICAL design candlesticks.
Pair antique brass Federal period candlesticks
Pair antique BRASS framed eyeglasses
Pair antique BRASS knitting needles
Pair antique brass pipe tongs
Pair antique brass ship candelabras
Pair antique brass wall sconces
Pair antique bronze-dore push plates
Pair antique brownware wine cistern lamps.
Pair antique cane side chairs circa 1700
Pair antique carved and decorated tools.
Pair antique carved and painted brackets
Pair antique carved ivory SALT SPOON
Pair antique cast brass DUTCH GIRL bookends
Pair antique cast brass GALLEON bookends
Pair antique cast brass PIRATE bookends.
Pair antique cast figure of Indian and horseback
Pair antique cast iron bookends "OLD SALT"
Pair antique cast iron brackets
Pair antique cast iron fireplace andirons LIGHTHOUSE.
Pair antique cast iron mantle dogs.
Pair antique cast iron OWL bookends
Pair antique cast iron SCOTTY DOG bookends
Pair antique cast iron snow birds
Pair antique cast iron toy cannon from Vermont
Pair antique cast iron wall brackets
Pair antique cast lion bookends mounted on marble bases.
Pair antique cast-iron andirons with George Washington.
Pair antique cast-iron bookends of TERRIERS
Pair antique cast-iron OLD SALT doorstops.
Pair antique China Trade ivory napkin rings
Pair antique Chinese pottery garden seats
Pair antique English ship plates.
Pair antique English Staffordshire matle pieces of SWANS
Pair antique English Staffordshire spaniels
Pair antique FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP team photographs.
Pair antique French Opera Glasses
Pair antique glass inkwells with original tops.
Pair antique glass jars with tin covers.
Pair antique green vases with prisms
Pair antique Irish bright cut teaspoons
Pair antique miniature brass candlesticks
Pair antique miniature size brass candlesticks
Pair antique miniatures from Nantucket
Pair antique pewter plates
Pair antique red glass light globes
Pair antique scrimshaw "Sisters" teeth
Pair antique scrimshaw KNITTING NEEDLES
Pair antique scrimshaw sperm whale's teeth with fashion ladies
Pair antique scrimshaw sperm whale's teeth young children and Dogs
Pair antique scrimshaw teeth EQUESTRIAN FIGURES
Pair antique scrimshaw teeth with British Royalty
Pair antique Sheffield plate Chippendale candlesticks
Pair antique Sheffield plate wine coasters
Pair antique silver teaspoons no marks
Pair antique silver tinted eyeglasses
Pair Antique Sperm Whale Teeth Fashion Ladies Scrimshaw
Pair antique Staffordshire Spaniel dogs
Pair antique Tin Types in Union Case
Pair antique traveling drinking cups in caes
Pair antique turned wooden bar bells from Nantucket
Pair antique whalebone clothes pins
Pair antique whalebone knitting needles
Pair antique wrought iron SHUTTER DOGS
Pair bell metal classical candlesticks
Pair carved and painted mounted SEAGULLS
Pair cast iron bookends - HEARTH and HOME
Pair cast TOAD bookends
Pair DC French Abraham Lincoln Bookends
Pair late 18th c. cut glass wines
Pair of Cape Cod windmill bookends
Pair of antique American Eagle bookends
Pair of Antique Cast Brass Lincoln Bookends
Pair of antique cast iron wall hooks
Pair of antique cast-iron OLD SALT bookends (doorstops)
Pair of antique gilded brass eagles.
Pair of antique PIRATE bookends
Pair of Antique Scrimshaw Whalebone Clothespins
Pair of Antique Sperm Whale Jawbones
Pair of Antique Sperm Whale Teeth - Lady Archer & Target
Pair of Antique Sperm Whale Teeth Scrimshaw Cherub & Angel
Pair of Antique Sperm Whale Teeth with British Ships
Pair of antique watercolors, Danvers 1819
Pair of antique whale ivory salt and peppers.
Pair of Bronze Clad Eagle Bookends by Marion Bronze
Pair of Bronze Clad Eagle Bookends by Marion Bros.
Pair of choice antique scrimshaw sperm whale's teeth
Pair of decorative stylized still life paintings.
Pair of early 19th C. prints
Pair of Gilt Plaster Eagle Bookends
Pair of old BOOKENDS with models of NAVAL CANNON
Pair of Queen Anne style pewter candlesticks
Pair of Vintage Blue Eagle Bookends by Marion Brothers
Pair of vintage bookends with TROUT
Pair of vintage cast bronze BOOKENDS
Pair of vintage cast bronze SCOTTY bookends
Pair of vintage cast metal bookends FROGS AND TOADSTOOLS
Pair of vintage color prints of calvary by Borghese
Pair of vintage hand carved painted wooden PINEAPPPLES
Pair of vintage LOCOMOTIVE bookends
Pair of vintage marine bookends.
Pair of vintage oval copper pans
Pair of vintage pewter candlesticks
Pair of Vintage Red Eagle Bookends by Marion Brothers
Pair of Vintage Red Eagle Bookends by Marion Brothers
Pair of wire sculptured automobiles
Pair ship plates
Pair unusual antique eletrified lamps BOY AND A DOLPHIN
Pair vintage BOOKS bookends
Pair vintage cast iron FLYING GEESE bookends
Pair vintage cast iron wall candle holders
Pair vintage Chinese FOO DOGS
Pair vintage folk art portraits by D.Davis
Pair vintage Glouchester Fisherman bookends
Pair vintage silver candlesticks from Denmark
Paor of vintage cast iron INDIAN HEAD bookends
Pastel by Hazel Ives of Nantucket docks
Pastel by Lynn Kaye, Provincetown 1963
Pastel on board by Clarence Braley
Paul F. Whitten Nantucket Basket
Paul Madden
Pierced leaves crimper
Portrait of a man signed J.Huysbah
Portrait of a young boy by William Kennedy
Portrait of Admiral MacMillan by Beneker
Portrait of Captain January by Charles Cahoon
Pretty lady by Wm. Prior
Printed broadside for Eastern Steam Ship Co.
Privacy Policy
Private Collection
Provincetown souvenirs
Rare American antique wooden thred holding stand
Rare Nantucket Lightship Basket "SAGAMORE HILL"
Rare "ONE-EGG" Nantucket Lightship Basket
Rare "Royal Polytechnic Barometer", by Joseph H. Davis
Rare 16th C. Matching Pair of Flemish Brass Candlesticks
Rare 18th c brass candlestick
Rare 18th C pocket sundial by Guibout, Paris
Rare 18th C. brass candlestick
Rare 18th C. brass folding candlestand.
Rare 18th C. carved and painted tobacco figure
Rare 18th C. Dutch Delft Charger
Rare 18th C. French inkstand
Rare 18th C. French silver snuff box
Rare 18th C. Liverpool tile
Rare 18th C. map of South America
Rare 18th C. wax portrait of Queen Charlotte 1774
Rare 18th C.scrimshaw walking stick THOMAS NYE
Rare 18th Century brass taper stick
Rare 18th Century Dutch copper coffee pot
Rare 18th Century English charger
Rare 18th Century Hour Glass (Sandglass)
Rare 18th Century steel pipe tongs
Rare 18thC brass door knocker with SPHINX
Rare 18thC David Garrick playbill May 27, 1776.
Rare 18thC. Boston surveying instrument
Rare 19th c carved horn INDIAN folding hair comb
Rare 19th C cutlery box in original paint.
Rare 19th C. American fireplace toasting tool
Rare 19th C. American ATLAS PAINT sample chart
Rare 19th C. BRASS adjustable candle lamp.
Rare 19th C. Nantucket photograph
Rare 19th C. print of WOODS HOLL, Falmouth Mass 1887
Rare 19th C. Ship Doctor's Mahogany MEDICINE CHEST
Rare 19th Century pocket reading glasses
Rare 19thC. oil painting of 'Sconset, Nantucket, Mass.
Rare 1st edition of The Connecticut Courant newspaper
Rare American antique parlor game " American Base Ball Co".
Rare American antique scrimshaw PATRIOTIC tooth
Rare American book MARY MITCHELL, of Nantucket 1812.
Rare American decorated box.
Rare American print of Cork Harbor, Ireland
Rare American scrimshaw busk with FLAGS
Rare American scrimshaw cane "lady's Leg"
Rare American scrimshaw LADIES LEG pen holder
Rare American scrimshaw stamp "S.BEST"
Rare and choice 18th C. Captain's bottle chest.
Rare and choice American antique whalebone busk
Rare and choice antique American scrimshaw whalebone ditty box
Rare and choice antique BALEEN busk
Rare and choice antique carved and painted pantry box
Rare and choice antique COVERED Nantucket Lightship Basket
Rare and choice antique desk barometer,
Rare and choice antique historical tooth JAMES LAWRENCE
Rare and choice antique MALACHITE desk set.
Rare and choice antique Nantucket sailorbou whirligig
Rare and choice antique NOAH'S ARK circa 1850
Rare and choice antique painted "tortoise shell" tea caddy
Rare and choice antique scrimshaw bodkin with hand
Rare and choice antique scrimshaw box
Rare and choice antique scrimshaw cutlery tray
Rare and choice antique scrimshaw FISTand THUMB cane
Rare and choice antique scrimshaw marking guage
Rare and choice antique scrimshaw PIE CRIMPER
Rare and choice antique scrimshaw tooth SAILOR'S FAREWELL
Rare and choice antique scrimshaw USS CONSTITUTION
Rare and choice antique steel candle wick snuffers
Rare and choice antique trade sign SWAIN
Rare and choice antque traveling barometer/compass and case
Rare and choice CAPE COD ship bottle
Rare and choice early Nantucket Lightship Basket
Rare and choice folk art painting of Martha's Vineyard
Rare and choice Nantucket Lightship basket dated 1871
Rare and choice Nantucket miniature portrait.
Rare and choice Nantuclet Lightship basket label
Rare and choice sailor folk art ship model BOSTON
Rare and important 18th C navigational instrument
Rare and important American antique scrimshaw pie crimper
Rare and important Americna scrimshaw multi wheel pie crimper
Rare and important antique quadrant with Nantucket label
Rare and important antique scrimshaw crimper
Rare and important antique scrimshaw sewing basket
Rare and important antique scrimshaw whalebone sewing stand.
Rare and important carved and painted CAT HEAD
Rare and important flame stitched gentleman's wallet
Rare and important hand carved FOLK ART picture.
Rare and important Nantucket painting by James Walter Folger
Rare and important pair of antique American scrimshaw teeth
Rare and important portrait of Capt, Benjamin Sayer, Nantucket
Rare and important scrimshaw swift with original box
Rare and interesting whaling print of the whaleship "Lowell"
Rare and unusual antique carved wooden SKULL box
Rare and unusual DIVING HELMET bookends
Rare and unusual miniature weapons shield
Rare and unusual scrimshaw bodkin
Rare and unusual silver PEGASUS seal ring
Rare and unusual THERMOMETER by C. Wilder, Peterboro NH
Rare and very choice antique scrimshaw swift with engraved clamp
Rare antique feather painted and decorated oval box
Rare antique ALPHABET teaching toy
Rare antique American candy container.
Rare antique American cast brass LINCOLN head profile
Rare antique American cast iron CORK CRIMPER
Rare antique American cast-iron SAILOR bank
Rare antique American cast-iron wall shelf
Rare antique American double wheel scrimshw pie crimper
Rare antique American engraved tooth LAWRENCE
Rare antique American folding stool
Rare antique American miniature tip-top candlestand
Rare antique American oil on canvas THE RESCUE
Rare antique American pottery PEAR bank
Rare antique American redware crenelatted dish
Rare antique American scrimshaw BEVEL GAUGE
Rare antique American scrimshaw cane with HORSE HEAD
Rare antique American scrimshaw pickwick
Rare antique American scrimshaw pie crimper Flayderman
Rare antique American scrimshaw seamer
Rare antique American scrimshaw SEWING CADDY stand.
Rare antique American scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth
Rare Antique American Scrimshaw Walrus Tusk
Rare antique American scrimshaw watch fob.
Rare antique American scrimshaw whalebone THIMBLE EYE
Rare antique American terrestrial globe on floor stand
Rare antique American tin CORNER candle holder
Rare antique aneroid barometer on EAGLE stand
Rare antique baleen and whalebone ditty box.
Rare antique baleen shelf
Rare antique booklet from Nantucket
Rare antique brass and steel TINDER BOX
Rare antique brass CIGAR CUTTER champagne bottle
Rare antique brass CRUSIE signed.
Rare antique brass ELEPHANT pocket match safe
Rare antique brass HARLEQUIN pipe tamper
Rare antique brass LETTER CLIP Eiffel Tower
Rare antique brass seal from Fremantle, Australia.
Rare antique brass snuffer
Rare antique brass table NUT CRACKER
Rare antique brass travel candleholder
Rare antique brass weight scale HOWE
Rare antique Canton enamelled tray
Rare antique Canton tumbler
Rare antique Cape Cod Railroad sign "So.HARWICH"
Rare antique carved and dated BUTTER PRINT
Rare antique carved and painted board
Rare antique carved and painted quarter board ADA M. DYER,
Rare antique carved MAHOGANY seamer
Rare antique carved Nantucket picture JW Folger
Rare antique carved whale ivory netting shuttle
Rare antique carved whalebone articulated doll.
Rare antique carved wooden Cape Cod scene
Rare antique carved wooden WHALE STAMP
Rare antique cast ion THE PATROL doorstop
Rare antique cast iron BULL DOG bookend.
Rare antique cast iron CAPE COD FISHERMAN bookends
Rare antique cast iron doorstop "THE PATROL"
Rare antique cast iron GUARD doostop
Rare antique cast iron lamp post weight
Rare antique cast iron NAUTICAL andirons
Rare antique cast-brass RABBIT doorstop
Rare antique cast-iron HUCK FINN doostop
Rare antique cast-iron signed bootjack
Rare antique cast-iron sixteen inch tall doorstop.
Rare antique castiron HORACE GREELEY GRILL.
Rare antique ceramic seated dog with basket
Rare antique champagne CIGAR CUTTER
Rare antique child's Canary Lustre cup
Rare antique Chinese engraved brass pocket sundial
Rare antique Chinese Export cup & saucer with SHIP
Rare antique colored photograph of schooner ALEXANDER NICOL
Rare antique DAGUERREOTYPE out of doors.
Rare antique decorated Scottish SNUFF MULL dated 1741
Rare antique Delft tile Adam and Eve
Rare antique double flue harpoon circa 1850.
Rare antique English double thermometers
Rare antique English Pontypool tea caddy
Rare antique Englsih Gentleman's DRESSING CASE.
Rare antique experimental Nantucket Basket
Rare antique Export cup with American Eagle
Rare antique Export porcelain EAGLE teacup
Rare antique fire helmet form COTUIT, Mass.
Rare antique FLEAM with its original case
Rare antique folk-made game board called POLITICS
Rare antique French bamboo shooting stick 1880
Rare antique French gold plated gentleman's ring
Rare antique George Washington Christmas ornament
Rare antique gouache painting of Mt Vesuvius 1838
Rare antique GUTTA PERCHA landscape plaque
Rare antique hand carved FOLK ART signed and dated frame
Rare antique hand made tin SLEEVES
Rare antique hand painted MAP OF NEW BEDFORD 1926
Rare antique Japanese doll with Nantucket history
Rare antique lantern CAMP CROUND, Martha'sVineyard
Rare antique large-size cast iron SCOTSMAN doorstop
Rare antique large-size covered barrel in brownware
Rare antique LIBERTY BELL coin still-bank
Rare antique Life Saving Provincetown Photograph
Rare antique Liverpool mug SIGNAL FLAGS.
Rare antique miniature scrimshaw block
Rare antique Nantucket DAG of Mary Cartwright Ewer
Rare antique Nantucket Basket
Rare antique Nantucket candlestand circa 1790
Rare antique Nantucket family tree watercolor
Rare antique Nantucket Lightship sewing basket
Rare antique Nantucket Lightship basket
Rare antique Nantucket Lightship basket 1889
Rare antique Nantucket Lightship Basket by Jose Reyes
Rare antique Nantucket Lightship Basket round mold
Rare antique Nantucket Lightship basket signed WILLIAMS
Rare antique Nantucket Lightship ONE-EGG basket
Rare antique Nantucket newspaper
Rare antique Nantucket painted fire bucket
Rare antique Nantucket painting WF MACY 1887
Rare antique Nantucket print framed silk scarf
Rare antique Nantucket sailor boy whirligig
Rare antique Nantucket watercolor "Kite Hil" by J.B. Reid
Rare antique New Bedford whaling medal
Rare antique o/c SCONSET by Wendall Macy
Rare antique oval Nantucket basket by Capt A.J. Sandsbury
Rare antique painted and decorated SPICE TIN
Rare antique painted Cape Cod miniature blanket box.
Rare antique painted macrame covered cane
Rare antique painted MINIATURE Nantucket basket.
Rare antique painted silhouette signed & dated
Rare antique painting by James Walter Folger
Rare antique pastel MERMAID by Nantucket's G.G.Fish
Rare antique pocket HYGROMETER in case
Rare antique portrait of a young lady attributed to Wm. Prior.
Rare antique PROVINCETOWN bookends
Rare antique Provincetown print by AV Diehl
Rare antique RYE basket for keys.
Rare antique Scandavian silver box 1782.
Rare antique scrimshaw baleen BUGGY-WHIP.
Rare antique scrimshaw bodkin - a hand with book
Rare antique scrimshaw bodkin FIST-CUFF
Rare antique scrimshaw bodkin with engraving.
Rare antique scrimshaw bodkin with lady's leg.
Rare antique scrimshaw cane Ladies Leg
Rare antique scrimshaw cane with fabulous details
Rare antique scrimshaw cane with MASONIC inlays
Rare antique scrimshaw CHILD'S TOY CRIMPER
Rare antique scrimshaw cribbage box from Martha's Vineyard.
Rare antique scrimshaw EAGLE figurehead bodkin
Rare antique scrimshaw gallery TRAY
Rare antique scrimshaw HAT PIN
Rare antique scrimshaw letter opener.
Rare antique scrimshaw MASONIC tooth
Rare Antique Scrimshaw Mat Creaser
Rare antique scrimshaw miniature chest of drawers
Rare antique scrimshaw miniature Spinning Wheel
Rare antique scrimshaw NIGHTSTICK concealed dagger.
Rare antique scrimshaw SALT AND PEPPER set
Rare antique scrimshaw SEAL
Rare antique scrimshaw seal with engraved details.
Rare antique scrimshaw seal with interesting engraved seal.
Rare antique scrimshaw SHIP HULL snuff box
Rare antique scrimshaw SHIP PUZZLE BOX
Rare antique scrimshaw tooth attributed to Moses Denning
Rare antique scrimshaw tooth engraved with Fanny Campbell.
Rare antique scrimshaw tooth NAVAL ENGAGEMENT
Rare antique scrimshaw tooth with Nativity
Rare antique scrimshaw tooth with PATRIOTIC design.
Rare antique scrimshaw tooth with whaling scene
Rare antique scrimshaw walrus ivory comb
Rare antique scrimshaw whale ivory pie crimper.
Rare antique scrimshaw whale ivory SEWING-EGG
Rare antique scrimshaw whalebone BODKIN
Rare antique scrimshaw whalebone bodkin with hearts
Rare antique scrimshaw whalebone sugar tongs
Rare antique seal of a wine maker
Rare antique seal/stamp with whaling scene 1848.
Rare antique sheet iron horse race
Rare antique silver buckle/cigarette box
Rare antique silver Cape Cod souvenir spoon
Rare antique silver match safe with cigar cutter
Rare antique silver medal R.Rait ca.1838.
Rare antique silver snuff box circa 1750.
Rare antique souvenir cup and saucer Hyannis Yacht Club
Rare antique souvenir WHALING tray.
Rare antique Staffordshire Spaniel dog with basket
Rare antique steel BOOT HOOKS CA. 1800
Rare antique STORK figure
Rare antique swing handle Nantucket Lightship Basket
Rare antique TIFFANY tea ball.
Rare antique Tile Minot's Ledge Light House
Rare antique tin needle sheath "RACHAL HUSSEY"
Rare antique TOASTING tool
Rare antique tobacco humidor U.S.L.S.S. circa 1875.
Rare antique wall sundial made of cast lead.
Rare antique WATERCOLOR PAINT BOX circa 1850
Rare antique watercolor portrait from Nantucket
Rare antique whale ivory Washington Memorial bolo
Rare antique whaleboat dry card compass by Merrill
Rare antique whalebone desk ruler
Rare antique whaling ship's document box
Rare antique whaling STEREO
Rare antiquw ivory FIST corkscrew
Rare baleen covered dome box
Rare baleen whaling scene picture
Rare BASALT ceramic desk SANDER
Rare Black whaleman's papers 1833
Rare book "Susan Teeth and Much About Scrimshaw 1955
Rare brass snuff box
Rare broadside for the Mansion House, Nantucket
Rare candle lamp
Rare cane made from the Atlantic Cable 1858.
Rare Cape Cod powder horn circa 1800
Rare carved stone MEMORIAL tablet
Rare carved wooden ladle.
Rare cast iron CATBOAT doorstop
Rare cast iron FIRE FIGHTING trivet
Rare cast iron LETTER CLIP ladies head
Rare cast iron MONKEY doorstop
Rare cast iron stamp "T.H. AMES"
Rare cast medal souvenir Cape Cod Canal Festival
Rare cast silver Washington memorial bust
Rare cast-iron mail box
Rare Chelsea Co. Clock
Rare China Trade reverse on glass circa 1800
Rare China Trade ship captain portrait
Rare choice oval ditty box ALBERT BANARD
Rare choice oval Nantucket Basket.
Rare clock maker's painted window sign
Rare covered willow basket
Rare cranberry scoop
Rare DAG of Charles A.and Sarah C. Macy 1850's.
Rare early 18th Century Delft lobed bowl
Rare early single block from Nantucket
Rare FIREWORKS broadside dtd 1809.
Rare folk art wooden busk dated 1846
Rare folk made carved wooden ladle nteresting details.
Rare French silver snuff box 1730
Rare late 18th C. surveyor's compass
Rare map of South America
Rare marine drawing by T. Chambers
Rare MESS Bucket woth whale ivory knobs
Rare mid 18th Century brass chamberstick.
Rare miniature antique sack back Windsor armchair.
Rare miniature of whaling Captain David Gifford Chadwick
Rare miniature painted antique splint basket
Rare miniature set of bellows
Rare miniature stoneware jug
Rare miniature terrestial globe with stand
Rare miniature woven splint basket
Rare name and date Nantucket Basket
Rare NANTUCKET antique MACY family record
Rare Nantucket Lightship basket by Jose Reyes early 1950's
Rare Nantucket Lightship Basket dated 1896.
Rare Nantucket photograph of Abraham Quary
Rare Nantucket souvenir 24 photograph booklet
Rare Nantucket souvenir booklet "50 Glimpses"
Rare Nantucket souvenir cake plate
Rare Nantucket souvenir spoon with ship
Rare Nantucket stamp embosser A.T.Mowry
Rare Nantucket watercolor by Amelia Watson
Rare Nantucket watercolor portrait
Rare Nantucket wooden tub circa 1860.
Rare New England Glass Co. hand lantern
Rare oil painting ship portrait of the Frances J. by Charles Raleigh
Rare oval Nantucket Basket by A.D.Williams
Rare oval two handled wooden tray
Rare oversized folk art "RAZOR" used for "crossing the line" ,
Rare painted and decorated BREAD BOX by TONY SARG
Rare painted and decorated head of plaster.
Rare painted antique Nanucket Lightship Basket by Sandsbury
Rare Painted Cape Cod Fisherman Bookends 1928
Rare painted cast iron doorstop
Rare painted Nantucket decanter by James Walter Folger
Rare painted Officer's Hat tin sign
Rare painted wooden pail PROVINCETOWN FISH CO,
Rare painting of a Cape Cod saltworks
Rare pair 19th C. silver and SHELL serving pieces.
Rare pair antique American painted rope beckets
Rare pair antique miniature scrimshaw toy clothes pins
Rare pair of American silver SUNGLASSES
Rare pair of antique American scrimshaw teeth
Rare pair of antique American scrimshaw teeth BANKNOTE ENGRAVER
Rare pair of antique BRASS candle reflectors
Rare pair of antique cast brass picture hangers
Rare pair of antique LIGHTHOUSE andirons
Rare pair of antique Moravian STAR glass light shades
Rare pair of antique SATSUMA fish plates
Rare pair of antique scrimshaw whalebone candlesticks
Rare pair of antique silver gimballed SHIP'S LAMPS
Rare pair of antique wooden lamp molds.
Rare pair of brass and steel ice skates
Rare pair of carved scrimshaw SWANS
Rare pair of Chinese Export sugar tongs
Rare pair of Finney engraved walrus tusks
Rare pair of painted wooden BARBER POLES
Rare pair sugar tongs on a spring hinge
Rare pewter unmarked sandglass
Rare portrait of Peter Folger Ewer 1852
Rare printed broadside of whaling irons
Rare red painted tin double foot bath
Rare round wooden Nantucket Lightship Basket mold.
Rare Royal commemorative tin snuff box.
Rare scrimshaw brass and whalebone scrimshaw crimper
Rare scrimshaw inlaid table ca. 1840
Rare scrimshaw pipe tamper with bodkin
Rare scrimshaw tortoise shell BUTTERFLY frame
Rare scrimshaw whale ivory escutcheon plate
Rare scrimshaw whalebone button polisher
Rare set antique Nantucket Lightship Baskets by Davis Hall
Rare set of "travelling" instruments in case
Rare set of 12 antique scrimshaw clothes pins
Rare set of 13 stereo WHALING CARDS by Shute
Rare set of antique Chinese abalone gaming counters
Rare set of four 18th C. English Naval prints
Rare set of four carved antique ACORN finials
Rare set of six TONY SARG Nantucket napkins
Rare Ship Captain's document box Cape Cod
Rare ship's CRESSET used for night lighting
Rare signed ONE-EGG NANTUCKET basket
Rare signed Roderick tooth dated 1855.
Rare silver "egg" shaped box.
Rare silver plated harpooner bookends
Rare silver resist canry child's mug
Rare snuff box with PEG LEG man
Rare souveinr booklet "Nantucket Characters"
Rare souvenir booklet form Ocean House, Nantucket
Rare souvenir card PROVINCETOWN
Rare tall "Old Salt" doorstop
Rare tax document from Sandwich, Mass. Cape Cod.
Rare three piece miniature set.
Rare three-part snuff box PAUL PRY
Rare tin cranberry pail
Rare tortoise shell and whale ivory napkin ring
Rare unfinished antique Nantucket Lightship basket
Rare US Naval PAYMASTERS leather money satchel
Rare very large scrimshaw BLOCK
Rare vintage cast iron OLD SALT doorstop.
Rare vintage cast iron red painted fireman's helmet
Rare vintage HARPOONER weathervane on original stand.
Rare vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket by Gibbs
Rare vintage NANTUCKET LIGHTSHIP life ring
Rare vintage Nantucket whale mobile by John Chamberlain
Rare vintage silk scarf of KENTUCKY DERBY WINNERS 1948
Rare wall barometer by Joseph H. Davis, London
Rare walnut clock shelf
Rare Washington DC souvenir cup
Rare watercolor on paper of the Barque Sacramento,1864
Rare whalebone snatch block
Rare whaling photograph album from New Bedford.
Rare whaling scene horn cup dated 1793
Rare whitle carved chain dated 1794.
Rare wrought iron Nantucket LIFESAVING branding iron
Recently discovered Susan tooth by Frederick Myrick
Return Policy
Reverse on glass sign Geo. B. Folger
Sailor made antique box with inlays from Cape Cod.
Sailor's rope work cord and handle
Sailor's Valentine by Judy Dinnick
Sailor's Valentine by Judy Dinnick
Sailor's woven basket and mop
Sandwich Island Native
Sassasacha Pond by John Austin
Scarce book Celerating the Bridges, Cape Cod Canal
Scarce vintage phtograph of the Old Nantucket Railroad by Coffin
Scrimshaw in NYC January 2004
Scrimshaw Sperm Whale Ivory Thimble Holder
Scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth with Ports of Call
Scrimshaw symposium at New Bedford Whaling Museum
Services we offer
Set of four cast brass miniature hats.
Set of 10 antique Mexican silver plates.
Set of 10 antique sterling silver knives Sheffield 1904
Set of 18 antique ship's tools.
Set of 4 antique bone napkin rings
Set of 4 antique English teaspoons
Set of 9 hand forged door latches
Set of antique bone BUTTONS
Set of antique tin decoys
Set of eight antique blown wine glasses
Set of five silk screen prints of Nantucket by Smith
Set of four antique prints of the FOUR SEASONS
Set of four original prints by Robert Bushong
Set of seven cast iron COWBOYS AND INDIANS
Set of three antique Sheffield decanter labels
Set of three vintage PROVINCETOWN paintings.
Set of three vintage WINDMILLS on stand
Set of twin ceiling lights on a decorative ANCHOR
Shellwork gondola circa 1920's
Ship Friends Tooth
Ship in bottle of three masted ship
Ship in Bottle with Clipper Ship
Ship model of the "Bluenose"
Shipping Policy
Small antique treenware covered jar 1857
Sold Antique Barometers
Sold Antique Bookends
Sold Antique Books and Documents
Sold Antique Cast Iron
Sold Antique Compasses
Sold Antique Firehouse
Sold Antique Folk Art
Sold Antique Furniture
Sold Antique Glass
Sold Antique Instruments
Sold Antique Lighting
Sold Antique Photographs
Sold Antique Prints & Paintings
Sold Antique Scrimshaw
Sold Antique Scrimshaw Canes
Sold Antique Scrimshaw Pie Crimpers
Sold Antique Scrimshaw Sewing
Sold Antique Scrimshaw Teeth
Sold Antique Signs
Sold Antique Telescopes
Sold Antique Toys & Games
Sold Ceramics
Sold Corkscrews and Barware
Sold Marine Antiques
Sold Nantucket Baskets
Sold Silver
Sold Weathervanes
Sotheby's Americana sale
Sterling silver pill box "suitcase"
Summer scrim sales?
Superb silver box with gold wash interior.
Superb antique American EAGLE HEAD cane
Superb antique American mahogany slant lid table desk
Superb antique American scrimshaw tooth Love and Cupid
Superb antique brass DOLPHIN LETTER clip
Superb antique leather covered document box
Superb antique scrimshaw pie crimper
Superb antique scrimshaw tooth with lships and patriotic Eagle
Superb blown and cut decanter
Superb early 19thC desk thermometer CARY LONDON.
Superb lino-cut block print by Ralph Frizzell, Portland, Maine
Superb pair antique brass figural candlesticks
Superb pair of French bronze dore jamb hooks.
Superbly chased snuff box circa 1800.
Superbly nade Queen Anne style brass candlestick
Susan Tooth signed and dated by Frederick Myrick
Thank you, Parke Madden
The Mount Vernon Tooth auction.
The Mt. Vernon Tooth by "The Mount Vernon Engraver"
The South Tower Silkscreen Print by Nantucket Artist Roy Clifford Smith
Three American antique blown covered jars
Three antique Canton fish sauce dishes
Three antique furniture brasses
Tree's Place Gallery
Two antique carved bone spear heads.
Two antique carved wooden fids
Two antique DAGS in UNION CASE
Two antique fishing creels.
Two antique Nantucket KEYS
Two antique pocket compasses on chain
Two antique round brass desk boxes with EAGLES
Two Barns Painting by John Austin
Two folk art ship paintings by John R. Robinson circa 1850.
Two old MASON JARS with original covers
Unique scrimshaw bodkin
Unusual folk art handled basket made of BOTTLE CAPS
Unusual "Sailor's Guide" informational tool.
Unusual antique articulated figure
Unusual antique cast iron fish mold
Unusual antique scrimshaw sperm whale ivory cup
Unusual antique woven carrying bag.
Unusual carved and painted pine figure DOORSTOP
Unusual carved wooden BARGE inkwell
Unusual cast brass faux lock ash tray
Unusual folk art candleholder made of bottle caps!
Unusual folk made weathervane
Unusual glass bottle with EAGLE
Unusual hand compass from Finland.
Unusual Nantucket basket
Unusual old Nantucket ice water cooler.
Unusual scrimshaw whale stand
Unusual unfinished antique tooth
Unusual vintage ship in green bottle
Unusual wooden tooth pick holder
Very and choice antique pocket watch Don't Give Up the Ship
Very decorative carved wooden FISH rack
Very fine 19th Century pocket sundial compass
Very fine antique chrome pated pocket compass.
Very fine antique scrimshaw seamer
Very fine antique SWORD CANE with ivory knob
Very large antique treenware charger
Very large carved wooden EAGLE
Very large DIETZ lantern
Very large size antique cast-iron galleon ship doorstop,
Very long whalebone pie crimper.
Very rare American 18th C baby's birth pin cushion.
Very rare antique cast-iron doorstop THE PATROL
Very rare antique pocket compass dtd 1718
Very rare early Nantucket Lightship basket dated 1860
Very rare large COURTING MIRROR circa 1780
Very rare large size ship-in-bottle
Very rare Nantucket Lightship Basket TRAY by Jose Reyes.
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Vinbage thermometer from Rutland Vermont
Vintage hand carved figure of OLD SALT
Vintage Sterling silver DOUBLE BOX
Vintage TAPA CLOTH panel from Hawaii
Vintage travelling corkscrew
Vintage 15" Old Salt Doorstop by Eastern Specialty
Vintage 15" Old Salt Doorstop by Eastern Specialty
Vintage 15" Old Salt Doorstop by Eastern Specialty
Vintage 15" Old Salt Doorstop with Rare Gold Finish by Eastern Specialty
Vintage 1971 Nantucket Basket by Stephen Gibbs
Vintage all wooden assemble toy SOLDIER
Vintage American copper fish weathervane
Vintage American made ship's 8-day clock
Vintage AMSTEL bottle opener and knife
Vintage Anton Pieck shadowbox
Vintage ARTIST"S wooden model.
Vintage Bakelite Girl Scout pocket compass
Vintage Bakeltte corkscrew
Vintage BARK in Bottle
Vintage bird carving PLOVER signed RWS
Vintage bird carving SHOREBIRD by RWS
Vintage bird carving signed RWS.
Vintage BISCUIT box in tea caddy form.
Vintage black and whie leather toy SEAL
Vintage black glass HAT
Vintage blue and white Nantucket tile
Vintage boat name board PANACEA
Vintage BOOK BOX with brass details.
Vintage brass CAPE COD souvenir ashtray
Vintage brass covered pocket compass
Vintage brass DOLPHIN bottle opened
Vintage brass DOLPHIN doorknocker
Vintage brass doorknocker FISH
Vintage brass handled tray with THREE MASTED SHIP
Vintage brass heart shaped box
Vintage brass inside DOOR KNOCKER
Vintage brass open cage corkscrew
Vintage brass pocket compass and magnifying glass.
Vintage brass pocket compass Made in France
Vintage brass pocket compass Made in France
Vintage brass three piece weather gauge
Vintage brass three-piece nautical bar set
Vintage brass WHALE'S TAIL doorknocker
Vintage brasss FISH corkscrew
Vintage brown and white Nantucket tile
Vintage cane TRAY with carrying handle
Vintage cannon corkscrew
Vintage Cape Cod booklet circa 1930's
Vintage Cape Cod fisherman whirligig
Vintage Cape Cod OLD SALT whirligig
Vintage Cape Cod SAILSHIP & LIGHTHOUSE whirligig
Vintage carve wooden figure of UNCLE SAM
Vintage carved and painted wooden figure of an OLD SALT
Vintage carved and painted Cape Cod restaurant sign
Vintage carved and painted DRUMMER whirligig.
Vintage carved and painted old CAPTAIN
Vintage carved and painted OLD SALT
Vintage carved and painted OLD SALT
Vintage carved and painted wooden SPERM WHALE weathervane
Vintage carved and painted wooden WHARF figure
Vintage carved BLACK MAN figure.
Vintage carved FISHERMAN hooked
Vintage carved OLD SALT seated barrel
Vintage carved OLD SALT sgnd HANAH
Vintage carved solid wood OLD SAILOR
Vintage carved wooden BANDANA old salt
Vintage carved wooden fish weathervane
Vintage carved wooden SEAGULL on sign
Vintage carved wooden Sperm whale weathervane
Vintage carved wooden WHALE whirligig
Vintage cast brass corkscrew THE REVENGE
Vintage cast brass EAGLE doorknocker
Vintage cast brass HMS VICTORY door knocker.
Vintage Cast Brass Lincoln Bookends
Vintage cast brass SHELL dish
Vintage Cast Brass Whale Tail DoorKnocker
Vintage Cast Brass Whale Tail Doorknocker
Vintage Cast Brass Whale Tail Doorknocker
Vintage Cast Brass Whale Tail Doorknocker
Vintage cast bronze CRAB ornament
Vintage cast iron alligator bottle opener
Vintage cast iron bottle opener DONKEY
Vintage cast iron Cape Cod cottage blue roof
Vintage cast iron CAT BANK
Vintage cast iron DINNER BELL
Vintage cast iron doorstop BOY COP
Vintage cast iron DRUNK bottle opener
Vintage cast iron DUCK bottle opener
Vintage cast iron DUCK bottle opener
Vintage cast iron DUCK HEAD bottle opener
Vintage cast iron figure OLD SALT doorstop
Vintage cast iron FISH bottle opener
Vintage cast iron FLAMINGO bottle opener
Vintage cast iron GOAT bottle opener
Vintage Cast Iron Lighthouse Doorstop
Vintage cast iron lobster bottle opener
Vintage Cast Iron Newspaper Weight
Vintage cast iron OLD SALT dish
Vintage Cast Iron Old Salt Doorstop
Vintage cast iron OLD SALT doorstop
Vintage Cast Iron Old Salt Doorstop
Vintage Cast Iron Old Salt Doorstop
Vintage Cast Iron Old Salt Doorstop - Provincetown
Vintage cast iron red LOBSTER bottle opener
Vintage Cast Iron Sea Captain Bookends
Vintage cast iron SEAGULL bottle opener
Vintage cast iron SHIP doorstop
Vintage cast iron SQUIRREL card holder
Vintage cast iron SWAN doorstop in original paint
Vintage cast metal FISH desk piece
Vintage cast metal fisherman bookend
Vintage cast metal miniature weathervane on stand
Vintage cast metal peg leg PIRATE
Vintage cast metal SEAGULL ON PILINGS
Vintage cast metal seagull sculpture
Vintage cast metal VIKING SHIP corkscrew
Vintage cast-plaster figure of a sailor
Vintage ceramic "BARREL" vase
Vintage ceramic pitcher from Cape Cod
Vintage Chelsea Banjo Barometer Clock
Vintage child-size NAVY uniform
Vintage chrome plate double lver CORKSCREW
Vintage CLASSICAL GREEK letter clip
Vintage cloth SAILOR in a painted wooden dory
Vintage color print "FACADE" by Bobby Bushong
Vintage color print "FALL" by Bobby Bushong
Vintage color print "WINTER" by Bobby Bushong
Vintage color print by Nantucket's Maggie Meredith
Vintage color print of Stone Alley, Nantucket
Vintage colored photograph Nantucket
Vintage COMPASS and map mileage
Vintage composition OLD FISHERMAN
Vintage copper and brass bosun's whistle
Vintage corkscrew with crest in copper tones.
Vintage covered brass SHELL box
Vintage covered pocket compass US
Vintage crewel work picture by M.V.S. '71.
Vintage custom made mahogany tray
Vintage decorated tin BISCUIT BOX
Vintage desk fkag stand propeller
Vintage dog's COLLAR SPIKE.
Vintage Dutch Ship-in-Bottle
Vintage Eagle Bookends with Black Base by Marion Bronze
Vintage Eagle Bookends with Rare White Base by Marion Bronze
Vintage Eagle Bookends with Red Base by Marion Bronze
Vintage electric Pillar and Scroll clock
Vintage enamelled green candlestick holder
Vintage engraved WHALING bowl Pairpoint Company
Vintage FELIX the CAT hanging balance toy
Vintage figural painted bottle WASHINGTON
Vintage figurine made in Japan
Vintage fire hose nozzle
Vintage folding CORKSCREW
Vintage folding seat cane
Vintage folk made FIREMAN weathervane
Vintage folk made NAUTICAL LAMP.
Vintage folk made WATCH HOLDER
Vintage FRAMED print of SHIP LOGAN
Vintage French covered pocket compass
Vintage French limestone wall sun dial.
Vintage German WWII pocket compass.
Vintage gild wire miniature ship model
Vintage gilded silver filagree wire ship model
Vintage gimbelled COMPASS
Vintage glass domed desk thermometer
Vintage glass PICKLE JAR
Vintage grocery store price sign
Vintage half model New Bedford WHALEBOAT
Vintage half model of a CAT BOAT
Vintage hamd made Cape Cod Cat Boat weathervane
Vintage hand carved DUCK DECOY box
Vintage hand carved PEGLEG old Captain.
Vintage hand carved wooden OLD CAPTAIN figure
Vintage hand made ship model of a schooner yacht.
Vintage hooked panel RED HOUSE
Vintage Indian silver belt buckle BUFFALO HEAD
Vintage KNIGHT IN ARMOR cigarette lighter
Vintage large size map of CAPE COD
Vintage large size ship in bottle
Vintage Lighthouse Doorstop
Vintage lithograph print of Nantucket by Ruth Haviland Sutton
Vintage LOBSTER brooch
Vintage Lobster Sign
Vintage made "Brigateen Swift" by Gordon Hansen
Vintage mahogany tray with star inlay.
Vintage Map of Admiral Byrd's 2nd Antarctic Exploration
Vintage Map of Nantucket by Roy Clifford Smith 1948
Vintage MARINER'S lamp
Vintage Marion Bros Eagle Bookends
Vintage Marion Bros Eagle Bookends
Vintage Martha's Vineyard Map - Tercentenary 1930
Vintage Medallic Art Goodyear Award Plaque / Automobilia from Cape Cod
Vintage Melanie Elisabeth Leonard Map of Cape Cod
Vintage milk glass Bird on a Nest covered bowl
Vintage miniature carving of a CURLEW
Vintage miniature whaleboat model on stand
Vintage model of coastal SCHOONER circa 1950's.
Vintage molded glass frog.
Vintage Nantucket "Cocktail" Basket Purse by Jose Formosa Reyes
Vintage Nantucket "Cocktail" Basket Purse by Jose Formosa Reyes 1955
Vintage Nantucket Basket "Cocktail" Purse by Stephen Gibbs
Vintage Nantucket Basket by EDWARD J. AISNER
Vintage Nantucket Basket by Jose Formosa Reyes
Vintage Nantucket Basket by Jose Formosa Reyes
Vintage Nantucket Lighship Basket by JOSE REYES
Vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket
Vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket 1965
Vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket 8" Purse by Jose Formosa Reyes
Vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket by BROWN
Vintage Nantucket Lightship basket by BURNSIDE
Vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket by John Elder - Rare Size!
Vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket Friendship Purse by Jose Formosa Reyes
Vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket Purse by John Elder
Vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket Purse by Jose Formosa Reyes
Vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket Purse by Jose Formosa Reyes
Vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket Purse by Jose Formosa Reyes 1960
Vintage Nantucket Lightship PARTY basket by Giffin
Vintage Nantucket postcard packet
Vintage Nantucket poster by Robert Bushong
Vintage Nantucket print by Bobby Bushong
Vintage Nantucket Whaling Scene Model
Vintage NAUTICAL pendant
Vintage New Bedford Harpooner Bookends
Vintage nickel plated SEAL bottle opener
Vintage o/c portrait of the schooner WARREN ADAMS by Nickerson
Vintage oil of New York City by Betty Armstrong
Vintage oil on canvas board by V.Paddock circa 1940's.
Vintage oil on canvas harbor painting by Harry Hambo Howe
Vintage oil on canvas of MISTY HARBOR by BEN NEILL
Vintage oil on canvas portrait of an OLD SALT
Vintage oil on canvas ship painting by Harry Hambro Howe
Vintage oil on canvas ship painting by Harry Hambro Howe
Vintage oil on canvas whale ship painting by Ben Neill
Vintage oil on canvasboard of SANDWICH VILLAGE
Vintage oil on canvasboard still life "Check tablecloth"
Vintage oil on masonite of sailing ship by Walter Steele
Vintage oil painting NANTUCKET PINE by George Lear
Vintage oil painting by Nantucket artist Roy Bailey
Vintage Old Salt Doorstop
Vintage Old Salt Doorstop / Bookend
Vintage Old Salt Doorstop with Blue Coat
Vintage Oyster Harbors Gate Lodge Sign
Vintage painted and decorated ship's deck lanter
Vintage painted cast iorn OLD SALT figure
Vintage painted cast iron bottle opener PARROT
Vintage painted cast iron CRAB ashtray
Vintage painted cast iron CRAB bittle opener
Vintage painted cast iron CRAB bottle opener
Vintage painted cast iron GOOSE bottle opener
Vintage painted cast iron marine letter opener
Vintage painted cast iron OLD SALT doorstop
Vintage painted cast iron wall box
Vintage painted hand toy.
Vintage painted metal miniature ship
Vintage painted sign with enigmatic JUST AHEAD
Vintage painted tin GLOBE on stand
Vintage painting by Nantucket artist JOHN AUSTIN
Vintage painting by Nantucket artist John Austin
Vintage painting by Nantucket artist PHILIP HICKEN
Vintage painting by Nantucket's John Austin
Vintage painting of Mission Santa Barbara by John Hare
Vintage Pair of DC French Lincoln Memorial Bookends by Jennings Bros
Vintage Pair of Eagle Bookend - Marion Brothers
Vintage Pair of Eagle Bookends by Marion Brothers
Vintage Pair of Eagle Bookends by Marion Brothers
Vintage Pair of Harpooner Bookends
Vintage Paul F. Whitten Nantucket Basket 1972
Vintage PERKINS 10 inch hanging ship's lantern
Vintage pewter candlestick in 18th C. style
Vintage pewter fish corkscrew
Vintage photograph of a Nantucket catboat.
Vintage photograph of Capt. Adams, Nantucket caz.1930's
Vintage photograph of Orange Street, Nantucket
Vintage pin tail duck painted paperweight
Vintage pincushion decorated high heel SHOE.
Vintage pocket COMPASS Japan
Vintage pocket compass Japan
Vintage pocket copmass marked GERMANY
Vintage pocket SUNDIAL "SUNWATCH"
Vintage poster of Pacific Club Nantucket by NASON
Vintage pressed glass GRAPEs bottle
Vintage pressed glass water pitcher set
Vintage primitive landscape by D. Payson
Vintage print of antique locomotive and cars
Vintage print of old railroad locomotive
Vintage print on glass by Bobby Bushong
Vintage printed GAS price sign
Vintage printed map of Massachusetts circa 1930's.
Vintage printed map of Nantucket
Vintage quality brass adjustable double light lamp.
Vintage reproduction painted TAVERN SIGN
Vintage S. Gibbs Nantucket Lightship Basket
Vintage sailing boat with glass sail
Vintage scrimshaw tooth "PAPA'S TOOTH"
Vintage scrimshaw tusk tip SHIP design
Vintage scrimshw sperm whale's tooth CABLE SHIPS
Vintage SEAGULL carving from Cape Cod
Vintage seascape by R.S.Bacon '44
Vintage set of DOMINOES Bakelite.
Vintage SETH THOMAS banjo clock
Vintage Ship in Bottle
Vintage ship in bottle Ball canning jar.
Vintage ship in bottle DIMPLE bottle
Vintage ship's wheel with compass ashtray
Vintage ship-in-bottle HAIG & HAIG PINCH bottle
Vintage ship-in-bottle in upright design
Vintage ship-in-bottle lamp
Vintage ship-in-bottle of four masted ship
Vintage SHIP-IN-BOTTLE whale hunt.
Vintage sign from Cape Cod "JACK'S OUTBACK"
Vintage silver , gold and ivory bracelet
Vintage silver and gold corkscrew
Vintage silver pill box
Vintage silver plated corkscrew/bottle opener
Vintage silver plated WINE COOLER
Vintage silver plated WINE COOLER with handle
Vintage Sloop weathervane from Nantucket
Vintage Small Aneroid Barometer
Vintage small size pocket compass.
Vintage Stanley M. Roop Nantucket Basket 1967
Vintage Sterling silver DR. BAG pill box
Vintage Sterling silver candle SNUFFER
Vintage STERLING silver cigar cutter
Vintage sterling silver CIGAR TEE
Vintage Sterling silver corkscrew
Vintage sterling silver corkscrew marked Tiffany & Co.
Vintage sterling silver HEART bookmark
Vintage Sterling silver JOCKEY CAP
Vintage STERLING silver pill box
Vintage Sterling silver pill box
Vintage TAPA CLOTH panel from Polynesia
Vintage THERMOMETER Negretti & Zambra. London
Vintage three-masted ship in bottle "PALM" in frame.
Vintage tin globe cicrca 1930's.
Vintage tin sign WELCOME
Vintage TOLE wall box.
Vintage toy SAILOR BOY
Vintage toy steam engine marked Empire
Vintage travelling BINOCULARS in case
Vintage trompe l'oeil plate with walnuts
Vintage USN pin
Vintage vermeil HORSEHEAD paperweight
Vintage vine woven ROOSTER figure
Vintage wall barometer and thermometer
Vintage watercolor by Cape Cod artist JOHN HARE
Vintage watercolor of designed interior
Vintage watercolor of harbor scene by Rowedder
Vintage Watercolor of Nantucket Railroad by D.R. Beers
Vintage watercolor of Nantucket wharves
Vintage watercolor of smowy CAPE
Vintage Whaling Scene Scrimshaw Sperm Whale Tooth
Vintage WHISKY label mounted on leaterh
Vintage wire teapot sculpture
Vintage WM.+J. Reis Nantucket Basket Purse 1977
Vintage wood block print by Nantucket's John F. Lochtefeld
Vintage wood block print of Brewster by Chester Stark
Vintage wood carving of FISH SELLER
Vintage wooden carving of OLD SALT with net
Vintage wooden ROOSTER weathervane
Vintage Zuni silver FETISH necklace
Vintahe cast metal candle douter PURITAN head
Vintahe desk accessory THREE MONKEYS
W. Sevrens Nantucket Cocktail Basket
Watercolor of Martha's Vineyard windmill by Hawkins
Watercolor on board of harbor by Clark
Watercolor on paper - A View of Nantucket Barns by Treidler
Watercolor on paper of a frigate - signed and dated
Watercolor on paper of the Barkc Annie of Portland
Watercolor on paper of the Old Mill, Nantucket
Watercolor on paper of the ship James Watt circa 1840
William Coffin antique scrimshaw collection auction in Nantucket
Windmill Whirligig
WM. + J. Reis Nantucket Basket
Wonderful Sailor's Valentine
Wonderful antique American CARNIVAL gaming wheel on stand
Wonderful antique American scenic hooked rug
Wonderful antique cast-iron OLD SALT doorstop from Nantucket
Wonderful antique scrimshaw large size needle hlder
Wonderful color woodblock print King of Diamonds
Wonderful FOLK ART frame signed and dated
Wonderful folk carved weathered sign from Cape Cod.
Wonderful Sailor's Valentine by Judy Dinnick
Wonderful small all whale bone single block
Wonderul antique diorama of the Schooner Geneva.
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