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Antique Sperm Whale Tooth Thomas Cavendish

Antique Sperm Whale Tooth Thomas Cavendish
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Antique Sperm Whale tooth with scrimshaw portrait of 16th C. English explorer Sir Thomas Cavendish. Wikipedia entry:

Sir Thomas Cavendish (September 19, 1560 May 1592) was an English explorer and a privateer known as "The Navigator" because he was the first who deliberately tried to emulate Sir Francis Drake and raid the Spanish towns and ships in the Pacific and return by circumnavigating the globe. While members of Magellan's, Loaisa's, Drake's, and Loyola's expeditions had preceded Cavendish in circumnavigating the globe, it had not been their intent at the outset. His first trip and successful circumnavigation, made him rich from captured Spanish gold, silk and treasure from the Pacific and the Philippines. His richest prize was the captured 600 ton sailing ship the Manila Galleon Santa Ana (also called Santa Anna). He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I of England after his return. He later set out for a second raiding and circumnavigation trip, but was not as fortunate and died at sea at the age of 32.

Tooth measures 6" long. Circa 1875.

Antique Sperm Whale Tooth Thomas Cavendish

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