Antique Sperm Whale Tooth with Scrimshaw Madame Vestris

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Antique Sperm Whale tooth with scrimshaw of Madame Vestris and song title "Yes, I Will Leave My Father's Halls". Background includes house, fence, and horse.

Per Wikipedia: Lucia Elizabeth Vestris (née Elizabetta Lucia Bartolozzi; 3 March 1797 – 8 August 1856) was an English actress and a contralto opera singer, appearing in works by, among others, Mozart and Rossini. While popular in her time, she was more notable as a theatre producer and manager. After accumulating a fortune from her performances, she leased the Olympic Theatre in London and produced a series of burlesques and extravaganzas.

Tooth has darkened substantially over the years but scrimshaw is quite visible. Done in a freehand manner, no transfer dots present. Small chip and crack along right side of vignette. Measures 4-1/2" tall. American, circa 1850.

Note: this item is not available for international sale. Please be aware of your state regulations regarding the sale of marine mammal parts and purchase accordingly.

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