Antique Scrimshaw Tooth - Coquimbo Harbour

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Antique scrimshaw Sperm whale tooth "Coquimbo Harbour" attributed to Frederick Myrick circa 1830. Depicts an array of whaling ships and boats at harbor with a bird's eye view of the port of Coquimbo, Chile. It is further engraved with a banner "A View of Coquimbo Harbour". Frederick Myrick is best known as the artist behind the famous "Susan's teeth" which are a highlight for any museum or collector. Myrick served aboard the whaleship Susan of Nantucket and Coquimbo was a common port for 19th C. New England whalers hunting the Pacific fishery. Ex Barbara Johnson and Jeff Cohen Collections. 

Note: this item is not available for international sale. Please be aware of your state regulations regarding the sale of marine mammal parts and purchase accordingly.

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