Antique scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth WHALING SCENE

Antique scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth WHALING SCENE

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A wonderful antique scrimshaw sperm whale's tooth fully engraved with 4 separate narrative scenes circa 1850. There is a whaling scene showing 6 men in a whaleboat, "going on the whale" , the whale with flukes up and birds flying above, and the mother ship to the right. Three images are engraved on the reverse.

To the left is a port scene with a top-hatted gentleman (?ship owner) shaking hands with a peg leg sailor with buildings, ship masts and another sailor with a duffle bag in the background.

The central scene is an elaborate rendering of a semi-nude figure with outstretched arm pointing to a robed man with a halo, and on either side recumbent figures attired in conquistador-like costumes.

On the extreme right is a mourning lady seated on a bench beneath an arbor. This is a most unusual tooth, with great patina. mid 19th C.

SIZE: 8 inches long.


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